The Great Resignation: When to Stay and When to Go

Help wanted signs are commonplace in just about every industry.
Help wanted signs are commonplace in just about every industry.(WBAY)
Published: Mar. 7, 2022 at 10:17 AM CST
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ORLANDO, FLA. (Ivanhoe Newswire)– After more than a year of the uncertainty involving Covid-19, people are feeling restless. Not to get back into the office, but to leave their jobs entirely.

A whopping 55 percent of Americans say they will look for a new job this year. But before you quit, there are ways to re-assess your current job to make it work for you, or to make sure you don’t burn bridges on your way out.

Should you stay… or should you go?

Before you quit, try reassessing your duties and make it work for you. Expanding your responsibilities within the company can offer the growth you’re looking for without leaving.

E.B. Fisher the CEO of Eden Software & Solutions says that “As an employer you’re trying to constantly make sure that people are in the right position.”

Something to consider if you’re learning new skills; stay put until you know them. Then, create a mission statement for yourself. Decide what you want out of your next job and don’t settle. Build a team that will help you through the process. says don’t leave with a bang. Rage-quitting burns bridges in your field and could hurt your chances of landing your next job. Don’t tell co-workers, word will travel fast. Quit in person to your direct supervisor and don’t insist on just giving two weeks.

Fisher states that “They wanna make sure it was a clean transition.”

And don’t be hurt if your boss lets you go sooner than expected. Fisher says, “The psychology of it is once you give your resignation, you’re checking out.”

So, it’s important not to slack off in your last few weeks and make your exit interview count.

“Try to leave on a good ground because you never know when you’re gonna run across people again.” Fisher adds.

A few more things, always ask for a reference letter before you leave, find out when you’ll receive your last check and if your benefits will have any gap. One final piece of advice… don’t trash talk your company while you’re leaving or when you start your new job.


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