‘I can’t keep in touch’ - LSU student from Ukraine worries about family amid conflict with Russia

LSU student from Ukraine worries about her family amid conflict with Russia
Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 6:18 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Daria Antonovskaya is a freshman at LSU studying Biochemistry.

She says it’s difficult stay focused on her studies, a part of her right now is worried about her native country, Ukraine.

“My family is trying to keep calm and focused. They, of course, they tell me everything is alright and they are staying home,” explains Antonovskaya.

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She is one of two dozen students from Ukraine and Russia at LSU, that are worried about their loved ones back home.

Antonovskaya has four younger siblings, along with her parents, grandparents, and several friends who are currently in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

“I keep in touch with them and I can hear alarms, different stuff like that. Of course, they are anxious because they have children there, they have their parents there as well,” she says.

Antonovskaya says it’s very stressful being away from her family and it’s not easy watching all of this unfold through the news and social media. Today, she shared some of her favorite pictures of her country with WAFB, not knowing if it will be the same next time she visits home.

More military rockets appear to be fired from Russian territory into Ukraine. (Source: CNN)

“I left my country and people there suffering. I have no chance to help them directly, and I can’t keep in touch with my family and with my friends. So, yeah it’s sad,” she adds.

Even though she’s far away from home, Antonovskaya says she still wants to do something. She wants to let her family and her country know that they are not alone, and even all the way in America she is thinking of them.

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“People are very united in Ukraine, and they are very strong. I would like to encourage them to stay strong and not to feel that they don’t have support because I hope the people in Ukraine…I hope they feel our support,” she says.

Antonovskaya is teaming up with other LSU students to set up a table on campus to educate students about what is happening in Ukraine. They also hope to gain support for other international students whose home countries may also be affected by military conflicts.

LSU’s International Culture Center is already working on some plans to help its students during the crisis.

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