Here’s why local businesses rely on LSU’s football team to win

Economic impact of LSU hiring Brian Kelly
Published: Nov. 30, 2021 at 5:30 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It goes without saying, if you’re from Louisiana, you more than likely want LSU’s football team to dominate. And according to local economists, when they do, that usually brings in a lot of money for the state. So, hiring a new coach with a winning record could help businesses rake in more cash.

“We’re not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, we’re talking about multi-millions of dollars in new economic activity,” said local economist Loren Scott.

Most local restaurants and retailers see spikes in revenue when LSU is winning.

“That is very good for our restaurants, for our gas stations, for department stores for that matter,” Scott continued.

“It helps the economy bottom line, it really does,” said Sarah Sanders who owns Purple and Gold Sports Shop.

Sanders says when the tigers are winning games, it almost always increases foot traffic in and out of her store. Things like new jerseys, hats, and other merchandise suddenly becomes essential for fans.

“As a local business owner, you know, just in general we look forward to a good season, we look forward to home games, it really does help,” Sanders added.

As the home of the “Joey Burriteaux”, Zippy’s off Perkins knows how important LSU’s football team is for business.

“Oh, it’s huge, from late August until early January all the money is controlled by LSU football. If you don’t believe that, try planning a wedding on gameday and see who show up,” said Zippy’s owner Neal Hendrick.

If fans don’t have tickets to the game, you can bet they are looking for the nearest restaurant with a tv on every wall. Where they can have some drinks, eat good food, and catch all the action.

“If LSU’s winning, people are happy and people are spending money,” Hendrick continued.

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