‘We are not going to vaccinate your children’ - Livingston Parish supt. clears up ‘confusion’ about COVID shots in school system

Published: Nov. 7, 2021 at 8:11 PM CST
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LIVINGSTON, La. (WAFB) - Livingston Parish Public Schools Superintendent Joe Murphy is clearing up some confusion surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations for children in the school system.

He addressed parents’ concerns during the ‘Superintendent’s Comments’ portion of the school board meeting on Thursday, Nov. 4.

Murphy said the school system, “Has no intention of vaccinating any children on our campuses.”

He added school officials feel the decision should be, “Left in the hands of the parents and their private medical provider.”

The comments were made as Louisiana children ages 5-11 are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine following formal recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH).

Murphy did offer parents interested in learning more about the COVID-19 vaccine for their children the ability to consult with the school system’s medical staff.

But he repeatedly stated, “We have no intention of holding any vaccination events on our campuses.”

The meeting was streamed on YouTube. CLICK HERE to watch and listen to his full comments.

“The first one is regarding the recent approval of the vaccines for children 5-11. Those have been approved by the FDA and by the CDC. There seems to be some confusion, as to whether or not we’re required to - there’s not any confusion on my part... Whether we’re required to vaccinate children. I want you to know that while we have been in contact daily, we were made aware of a letter, we followed up with the letter. We were told it was not required, but it’s on there because they’re eligible for the vaccination. We are in the process of manually changing all those letters. And I will state once again, which we’ve stated all this since we began this pandemic, Livingston Parish Public Schools has no intention of vaccinating any children on our campuses because we feel like that decision is best left in the hands of the parents and their private medical provider. And we’re really serious about that. I guess if it becomes a mandate then we’ll have to figure out how to respond to that. But I want to assure our parents, we are not going to vaccinate your children. If you would like to consult with our medical staff about that particular thing, that is more than fine, and we’ll serve any parents’ wishes on any of that. But we have no intention of holding any vaccination events on our campuses,” explained Murphy.

Parental consent is already required in order for children to get the Pfizer vaccine.

CLICK HERE for the consent form.

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