Glass manufacturing issues cause shortages for stores selling liquor; prices rising

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 5:26 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - There’s not a hole in the bottle but there’s definitely less liquor on some shelves.

Hokus Pokus Liquor in Prairieville is trying to combat liquor shortages to keep customers like Hampton Adams coming around.

“They always have a great stock here,” said Adams. “I meet up with a bunch of friends. We always get together. They have some of the best store picks around.”

There is a huge selection of liquor for folks to choose from but there are still particular brands whether from big corporations or smaller brands that may be hard to find.

“So, it’s difficult to procure products mainly from international suppliers, so products coming from France right now, whether it’s vodka, cognac, champagne,” said Alex Van’t Leven, general manager of Hokus Pokus Liquor. “Those products are getting a little bit more scarce and especially as we roll into the holiday season.”

One of the biggest reasons for this is glass. Three Roll Estates, which is a rum distillery in Baton Rouge, I’m already having issues getting their specific brand bottles out. It’s to the point where they are seeking help from manufacturers outside of the country.

“We kept getting our production for out bottles that kept getting pushed back every month to the point where I actually started looking for alternatives,” said Olivia Stewart, chief operating officer of Thee Roll Estates.

However, whenever there’s a push back on a product that’s in high demand, that’s when liquor and grocery stores will have to start going up in price affecting wallets.

“The way it works, especially with the inflation, everything like that, and supply chain issues, it starts at the producer, who is going to charge little bit more, and then, it flows all the way down to the consumer,” said Taylor Calandro, manager of Calandro’s liquor department.

Some store managers added shipping has also been an issue when it comes to getting liquor items on the shelves. They are hoping this won’t last long once the holiday season rolls around.

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