State health expert addresses confusion on mixing COVID boosters

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 6:39 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The FDA’s recent announcement has people wondering what the studies show when it comes to mixing vaccine brands. They say if you’ve been vaccinated with one brand, getting your booster, if eligible, with another brand, is safe. Some of you may be wondering what the studies show when it comes to the so-called “vaccine cocktail.” Dr. Joseph Kanter with the state’s health department weighed in on this Tuesday, October 26.

“The data is not conclusive first of all because the trials are relatively small, looking at booster shots, but it does appear to be quite safe,” said Dr. Kanter.

He also said depending on what you were originally vaccinated with, it’s possible mixing brands when you get your booster could give you better protection.

“For some vaccines like Johnson and Johnson, it might give a little bit better protection. But, I say ‘might’ because the trials are pretty small on that, so I don’t think it’s a conclusive thing right now,” Dr. Kanter continued.

The study Moderna conducted on their boosters used a full-strength dose on its subjects. However, the booster shot the FDA approved for Moderna is only half the original dose.

But Dr. Kanter said that shouldn’t worry anyone.

“You know Moderna actually had more miRNA content in their vaccine than Pfizer did anyway. So, they did pretty good showing that if you get a half-dose, you still get a pretty good immune response, so I feel comfortable with that right now,” Dr. Kanter explained.

Kellsie Gremillion watched her dad fight COVID from a hospital bed. So, she didn’t hesitate to get her booster shot.

“I received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in March of 2021 and then this past Sunday I received the Moderna vaccine as a booster,” said Gremillion

According to Kellsie, after getting her booster, her symptoms were minimal.

“I was totally fine. Just, you know, a small sore arm on Monday, and today I’m feeling great,” she continued.

Dr. Kanter also stressed that not everyone’s reactions to the vaccines will be the same so it’s important before making this decision to talk with your doctor and make sure this would be the right move for you. To find out when it’s okay to get your booster, click here.

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