Ascension Parish councilmember regrets outburst at drainage meeting

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 5:57 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - At Monday’s drainage board meeting, councilmembers discussed approving a new contract when councilman Corey Orgeron talked about all the nastiness, he’s witnessed in the parish recently.

“If you guys think that your actions of holding up colorful signs and calling people names on Facebook and making all kinds of stupid pictures about people on Facebook. If you think that’s what affected the people up here, you’re highly mistaken. And your egos are writing checks your butts can’t cash because that’s not what happened here,” Orgeron said during the meeting.

Then a member of the public gets up and said, “you do not talk to voters that way.”Orgeron said “I just did.”

“You can be as disrespectful as you want you, and I will respond,” Orgeron said.

A member of the public appears to tell Orgeron “You’re going down.”

Orgeron responds, “Was that a threat? Was that a threat? Oh, that’s fine, that’s perfectly fine, but I’m not going to be threatened up here by some old guy over there and I’m not going to be threatened by some Facebook entrepreneur.”

Other councilmembers try to get Orgeron to stop talking, but Orgeron said he was not finished, “This is three months that I’ve been dealing with this garbage.”

A member of the public responds that they’ve been dealing with it for 18 months.

Orgeron tells them, “You can vote however you want to vote that’s perfectly fine, but don’t think for one second that your stupidity on the internet...”

Robert then told Orgeron to shut up.

Orgeron said he would not, and then police ran up to the board to stop things from escalating.

The council then went into recess.

Today, Orgeron said he regrets letting Robert get to him.

“I have a lot of regret. I’m normally not a person who gets that frustrated; I’ve made a career of dealing with people.”

Orgeron said last week he was physically attacked. WAFB has issued a records request for a copy of the police report from that attack.

“This past Friday I had an angry client attacks me, knock me to the ground, did a pretty good number beating me, kicking me,” Orgeron said today.

That, along with last night’s heated meeting - he said -- brought on stress he’s never felt before.

He’s one of several council members who are currently the subject of a recall effort.

“I guess the citizens believe that we’re sitting up there, and we’re supposed to be better than human. This has been three months of derogatory comments, internet insults, lies about things we’re doing, pulling up credit reports, contacting clients, accosting my son,” Orgeron said

Wade Petite, who has lived in Ascension Parish his whole life and writes for an online blog about Ascension said fights between council members are nothing new, but things have gotten personal.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve had to separate council members so things have always been personal here and particularly when you’re dealing with flooding, you’re talking about somebody’s home and there’s nothing more personal and nothing that will get a citizen calling up and wearing out a council member than water getting in someone’s home.”

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