Southwest struggles to get a grip on delays and cancelations

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 4:38 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Long lines and crowds at many airports across the country as Southwest Airlines cancel or delays flights for yet another day.

Bill Whittle, from Baton Rouge, flew in from Atlanta on United and describes what he saw at that airport, where southwest has a lot of flights.

“You know, of all things it’s like they’re yelling at the airplane, they’re yelling the stewards, yelling at an attendant, anybody they can yell at to voice their frustration. You know what I’m saying because a lot of people, whether it’s tight budgets, tight times, whatever it is they’re jammed. And that frustration boils up and they kind of take that out,” said Whittle.

Southwest has canceled more than two thousand flights since Friday with little explanation other than weather and air traffic control issues.

“The people who couldn’t fly Southwest are now being forced to fly to other areas. You know, like people who would normally fly Southwest from Dallas, which is a major home for Southwest, into say New Orleans or Baton Rouge...they were then having to fly let’s say American. So, it was like crowed in those terminals, that what happened,” Whittle continued.

Southwest flies into New Orleans but not Baton Rouge. However, Jim Caldwell with the Baton Rouge Airport says it’s hard to tell if an uptick in passengers here can be attributed to the issues at Southwest.

“Well, my understanding from the airlines is, you know, flights were pretty full prior to those issues. And my understanding is they have continued to book well,” Caldwell explained.

Airport officials tell me if you find yourself in one of these binds that it’s important to try and keep in contact with your airline, particularly before you head to the airport.

And to also make sure you download your airlines’ app in case they send out notifications about any further delays or cancelations.

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