Domestic violence homicides grow in EBR, law enforcement and support groups remind victims that there is help

Published: Oct. 6, 2021 at 6:22 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by a partner in the U.S. That’s according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

It’s not always an easy situation to get out of, that was something Ashley Rankins experienced after being in an abusive relationship for 13 years.

“You really have to build up resources, and you know help before you actually just make a quick move and leave because you don’t want to fail. You know, you don’t want to be a victim and a failure at the same time,” explains Rankins.

It’s why Rankins reached out to The Butterfly Society, where she was able to get help to leave that relationship, that’s where she found a support system to help her through the trauma.

“We have to be educated on what those warning signs are and what they represent. Domestic violence is a very complex situation, it’s not easy to walk away from. It’s easy getting in, but it’s so hard to walk away from,” says Twahna Harris who is the founder and executive director of The Butterfly Society.

Harris adds that it comes down to the community, encouraging victims to lean on support groups to find ways out of the relationship.

Law enforcement says it’s time to put more of a spotlight on the issue. The East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office is reporting 25 domestic violence homicides this year.

“There is hep available and every one of these cases are 100% preventable and that’s the bottom line truth, and we just have to be more aware,” says EBR’s District Attorney Hillar Moore.

The DA’s Office says they expect to see more domestic violence cases reported once the holiday season begins. However, they are hoping more folks will report the abusive behavior before things get out of hand.

If you are seeking help you can contact The Butterfly Society: 225-347-7725 or you can go to their website:

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