Ascension Parish residents protest some council members

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 5:58 PM CDT
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GONZALES, La. (WAFB) - Several people showed up to protest outside the Ascension Parish Courthouse on Monday, Sept. 27.

The action came just days after Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment received a letter from Dempsey Lambert, the chairman of the East Ascension Gravity Drainage District.

The letter stated that Cointment would be terminated as head of the drainage board in 60 days, ending “The ‘Intergovernmental Agreement between the East Ascension Gravity Drainage District (EAGDD) and Ascension Parish Council, whereby the office of the Parish President was granted the exclusive right to administer the maintenance of, operation of, repair of, and provision of drainage for the Parish of Ascension.”


“We’re fed up,” said Brenda Whitney. “This man (Clint) has done more for drainage since he’s been in office than these people have done in their years as council people. And it’s time for a change. They need to go, not him.”

At an ‘emergency meeting’ for the drainage board back in June, six council members voted to ‘void contract between the East Ascension Drainage District #1 and the Ascension Parish President.’

Those six council members were Corey Orgeron, Aaron Lawler, Dempsey Lambert, Teri Casso, Dal Waguespack, and John Cagnolatti.

Four council members voted against removing Cointment back in June as the head of the drainage board. Those members are Joel Robert, Travis Turner, Chase Melancon, and Michael Mason.

The original vote to remove Cointment back in June has caused a lot of frustration for residents, as recall petitions have already been filed for six council members.

“This is home and if things don’t change, if these six aren’t recalled, I actually don’t have a problem moving out of this parish,” said Bridgitte Reulet. “I volunteer with many organizations in this parish and if they’re not gone, it’ll be easier for me to move, if I move. The only thing that’s holding me here is my grandchildren.”

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