Central fights to make Greenwell Springs Rd. safer after school bus crash

Published: Sep. 23, 2021 at 5:45 PM CDT
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CENTRAL, La. (WAFB) - The city of Central is fighting to make Greenwell Springs Road safer after several major crashes.

Greenwell Springs Road is what folks describe as a roadway that has no room for error.

Boscoyo Studios, which is owned by Shannan Hohensee, is on LA 37. The business is known for making signs and Hohensee said if she could make a sign for Greenwell Springs Road, it would read, “Slow Down.”

“You have people going way too fast,” said Hohensee. “It’s a curvy road, there’s no shoulder, and there’s big ditches. So, it’s several times a week there’s an accident between Central Thruway and Hooper Road.”

Hohensee said she has seen many wrecks in front of her studio. She added her employees do not like drive down it and sometimes, they are too scared to turn left.

“Our kids, we tell them to never take a left out of this business, to always go right. If it’s any busy time, we tell them to go around or go to Sullivan and Hooper Road just to get around,” explained Hohensee.

Just days ago, a school bus taking kids home from school crashed into a ditch. While the news crew was out covering this story Thursday, there was another crash that sent a car into a ditch.

Many drivers say accidents happen there because of the narrow and curvy road. If a driver loses control, the only place to go is the ditch and some folks believe drivers take those curves too fast. It’s an issue Central Mayor David Barrow has been fighting for years.

“I remember attending the meetings back in the 90s about the straightening of the curves and adding shoulders,” said Barrow. “So, you know, it’s something that’s been known for decades the dangers of this roadway, but unfortunately, there has been no funding toward this project for the state.”

Barrow added the Department of Transportation and Development has done a safety study on this roadway before. He wishes DOTD would put down center line rumble strips to let folks know if they are crossing over.

He also said putting up more signage would be great, too, anything to get drivers to pay closer attention.

“At some point, this roadway is going to have to be designed like they had it planned for almost 25 years ago, where they were going to come in and put shoulders and straighten out some of these curves. That’s been in the talks for 20 years. Yet, nothing has been done,” explained Barrow.

Now, there is talk of putting a roundabout on the intersection of Greenwell Springs Road and Hooper Road to help with traffic.

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