Debris pickup now focus of Livingston Parish after Ida

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 10:31 PM CDT
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LIVINGSTON, La. (WAFB) - More than 80% of residents in Livingston Parish were without power right after Hurricane Ida.

Now, that number is less than 4.5%, according to Parish President Layton Ricks.

As the clouds roll through Livingston, finally giving the parish a break from all this rain, the work to recover from Hurricane Ida is moving forward.

“Probably, in my opinion, the second-worst disaster this parish has ever hit,” said Ricks.

The work has pretty much shifted from restoring power to people’s homes to picking up storm debris on the curb.

One resident even wrote on a piece of plywood to try to catch the attention of crews to where their debris is located.

“We’re averaging somewhere around 60 to 61 tandem trucks a day in Livingston Parish. That’s unbelievable. They’re hauling on average 23 to 25,000 tons a day,” added Ricks.

One resident even wrote on a piece of plywood, to try and catch the attention of crews, to...
One resident even wrote on a piece of plywood, to try and catch the attention of crews, to where their debris is located.(WAFB)

Richard Moore, a Vietnam War veteran who has lived in the town of Livingston for about 45 years, said he has about 10 bags of debris that needs to be picked up. He rode out Hurricane Ida at home.

“Before the eye (of the hurricane), it was a constant howl,” said Moore. “It was an irritating nerve-wracking howl.”

The roof over his family’s head is down to the felt. A blue tarp now keeps the rain out of his home.

“It’s like you got up there with a shovel and shoveled the shingles off. I mean, it’s that clean,” explained Moore.

Bags of shingles line his curb, like many other homes in the parish are dealing with.

Debris sitting outside a house.
Debris sitting outside a house.(WAFB)

Moore said he met with the adjustor on Wednesday.

“He said it’d be maybe, unfortunately, a couple of weeks before he gets back with me with everything. The roof and the interior, it will be a couple weeks,” added Moore.

He said his wife does at least like the fact that their roof now matches the front door.

“On a lighter note, it’s blue and you have to go on with life,” he noted.

Ricks said there are eight to 10 trucks collecting debris in each district of Livingston Parish and even more in the areas Ida hit the hardest.

Truck coming to pickup debris.
Truck coming to pickup debris.(WAFB)

“So, I think we’ve made tremendous progress when you consider the devastation they’ve had to work through,” said Ricks.

He also said the parish is waiving the fees associated with the permits when it comes to utilities, if it is storm-related.

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