EBR bridges closed for repairs

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 4:19 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - On Gurney Road, a lot of drivers are making a turnaround and looking for a different road to get to where they’re going.

“So, it’s been a lot of U-turns in our driveway, a lot of backup traffic from the school here. Then also going to the school like I said earlier, we have to go all the way around is seven or eight minutes out of our way just to go to the grocery store,” says Morgan Pentecost.

For Pentecost, ever since the Gurney Road Bridge closed, getting her children out the door for school and getting used to a different route has made her morning more difficult.

“It actually made us later this morning because I completely forgot that the bridge was out and had to take a different route, but yeah it’s been kind of a struggle. We usually have to leave here around 7:30, but this morning we had to leave a lot earlier,” adds Pentecost.

The Gurney Road Bridge closed Tuesday, but that’s not the only bridge blocked off in the area. The Old Wax Road and the Frenchtown Road Bridges also have orange barricades, that’s because repairs are needed replacing some timber underneath the bridges that have been up for too long. While repairs are being made, Central’s Mayor David Barrow says traffic backups can be expected.

“Unfortunately, one of the things about Central is that we don’t have enough connecting roads. Sometimes, to get somewhere you have to get on the main road, and you know in this case there’s not…Gurney Road is sort of the major roadway between Joor and Blackwater,” says Barrow.

Barrow says these temporary closures could last up to 60 days. He says this will be a good practice run for drivers because the state plans to rebuild some of these bridges in the next two years.

“So you know as these bridges start getting older. We’re glad that we do have places with the state in place to actually rebuild and replace this bridge and another one further down Gurney in the next two years; it will be completely rebuilt,” adds Barrow. He also says that the repairs for the bridges are minor.

With the recent rain there have been some delays to these bridges, but the parish is doing all they can to get them back open.

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