LSU officially announces its vaccine mandate

LSU officially announces it’s vaccine mandate
Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 4:31 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 24, 2021 at 7:38 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - LSU officially announced on Tuesday, August 24 it will mandate a COVID-19 vaccine for all eligible faculty and students. The university has said previously it wanted to wait until one of the vaccines was officially approved by the FDA. And Pfizer’s approval gave them the green light.

We saw this coming from a mile away. The university has been adamant about getting enough students vaccinated so everyone can enjoy a normal semester.

Most people on campus are in favor of the school’s decision but one professor, however, says this is hardly a mandate.

“That kind of lose and lax testing regime...I don’t think it’s fair to call this a real mandate,” said LSU professor Robert Mann.

LSU announced students and faculty have until September 10 to submit proof of their first dose of a COVID vaccine. They have until October 15 to show proof of full vaccination.

Students do have the option to opt out of getting the vaccine by taking a monthly COVID test. Professor Mann says this makes it too easy for students to dodge the shot.

“If they do, they’re not really required to undergo any serious impediments to do that so it’s pretty easy to opt-out,” Mann explained.

Here’s a look at the form students will need to fill out if they choose not to take the shot:

LSU officially announces it's vaccine mandate
LSU officially announces it's vaccine mandate(LSU)

It’s as simple as checking off a box for either a medical or personal religious reason. Professor Mann says testing once a month just isn’t good enough.

“Maybe at least once a week, certainly more than once a month. And if cost is a problem, then I think that the students who refuse to get the vaccine ought to be required to pay for the cost of the testing,” Mann continued.

After speaking with the professor, we wanted to hear what the students had to say.

“It’s just what you gotta do. Like, I gotta get to class, I gotta get a degree, I’m gonna get the vaccine and that’s it,” said Emily Reedy, a student at LSU.

“I think everybody getting vaccinated and keeping their masks on that it would really help LSU out and help LSU stay open,” said Kamani Semien, another student at LSU.

“I do feel confident especially with the FDA approval. I plan on getting it, I scheduled my appointment today. I just think it’s something that’s necessary in order to move forward and have a regular year at the school,” said Grant Vicknair who is in his first semester at LSU.

After LSU’s announcement today it shouldn’t be too surprising to see other universities in Louisiana follow their lead with similar mandates.

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