Keeping your loved ones cool during the summer heat

Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 4:17 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Paramedics have responded to 22 heat-related calls in East Baton Rouge, since Saturday.

Tuesday’s heat advisory is causing parents to pay more attention to how their kids are doing while playing outside.

Whether you’re at the playground, water park, or your own backyard, beating the heat in South Louisiana is a challenge for kids and adults.

“I’m ready for it to start cooling off for sure,” Tyler Daigle, a father in Prairieville, said, “I think it gets hotter every year; it definitely doesn’t feel like the same heat I used to play in as a kid.”

In this kind of heat, the chances of having a heat-related illness increase, and parents say they want to do what they can to keep their kids cool.

“(I take) lots of popsicles and slushies to keep my kids hydrated,” said Amanda Menard.

If you’re bringing your kids outside, the Centers for Disease Control said you’ll want to make sure they’re drinking plenty of water and wearing light, loose clothing.

Local doctor Shaun Spinks said kids need extra attention because they don’t always know how to communicate that they’re overheating.

“When you’re watching kids, you’ve got to watch for how they’re acting are they lethargic, are they acting fatigued, not wanting to do anything, get that temperature, check that body temperature,” Spinks said.

For heat stroke, Spinks said the body temperature to look out for is 105 degrees, but between 101 and 104, someone could have heat exhaustion.

“If they’re 104 you want to get them to 101 in about 30 minutes and the ways to do that is cooling under the armpits with ice packs, in the groin, ultimately submersion if you don’t have ice packs,” said Spinks.

Doctors add you should also take frequent breaks from the sun, remember to put on sunscreen, and never leave a child in a car.

So, you don’t have to sweat about keeping yourself, and your loved ones cool this summer.

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