Local doctor explains why its recommended to wear a mask even if you’re fully vaccinated

Published: Jul. 23, 2021 at 8:44 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Mask up and get vaxxed.

That’s the message of state leaders Friday, amid the fourth surge in COVID-19 cases.

“It’s almost like having a pot of rice boiling on the stove, which we all know, and you put that top-down to stop the water from boiling over, we’re simply using that mask to stop the virus from boiling over at any given time,” Dr. Louis Minsky, chief of staff at Baton Rouge General Hospital, said.

Even those already fully vaccinated are being encouraged to wear a mask indoors.

“Because of the rapid spread it is so important that we stop it and do everything that we can to do so,” Minsky said.

Minsky said people need to mask because researchers are still learning about the delta variant.

“We know that it is much more contagious, and we are learning about this new strain of the virus every day just as we did with the other strains during the other surges,” he said.

Joseph Kanter with the Department of Health said even if you are fully vaccinated, the more times you are exposed to covid, the greater your chance of having a breakthrough case.

“The three vaccines we have now, the Pfizer, the Moderna, and the Johnson & Johnson provide excellent but not perfect protection against COVID-19 including the Delta variant,” Kanter said.

Both Kanter and Minsky said wearing a mask inside is just one thing you can do to help the surge go back down.

“Anything that we can do, as inconvenient it may seem, it’s better than shutting down businesses, it’s better than putting our parents in the hospital or our loved ones and it’s a simple price to pay for right now,” Minsky said.

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