Trader Joe’s parking lot shooting prompts Buckley family to file a civil lawsuit

Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 4:57 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 12, 2021 at 4:58 AM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It’s been less than a year since Danny Buckley was shot and killed in the Trader Joe’s parking lot, and for the Buckley family these past months have been hard.

“I really can’t explain it because it’s been rough,” says Donell Buckley who is Danny’s son. Donell lost his father when 25-year-old Jace Boyd pulled out a gun on Danny Buckley.

Donell’s father, Danny, was asking people in the parking lot for money. Reports say he first approached Boyd and asked for money, but he told him no. When Danny then approached two females to hit them up for cash, Boyd is accused of pulling out a gun and shooting him. Now, Donell wants what is right for his family.

“Justice for my family, and pretty much that we are fighting for justice for the situation you know. He was out there doing something, he wanted to do, he didn’t have to do it. He had a home, he had a family, grandkids, kids…he didn’t have to do that. That’s just something he chose to do.”

Buckley is not only just suing Boyd, but several insurance companies and a security firm, but Buckley and his attorneys say it’s not necessarily about the money or winning in court; it’s about getting justice for the family and doing right by the situation.

“It’s bigger than just getting victory in civil court for us, this is about standing up for what’s right. The fact that you know that the underprivileged, the poor in our community, regardless of their color, ethnicity or religion deserves to have someone to stand up for them,” says Ron Haley who will be representing Donell.

Jessica Hawkins, another attorney representing Buckley, says, “So the civil suit is more about justice and being able to put the outcome in the hands of Mr. Buckley’s family, of his son Donell, and all of his grandkids. To make sure that they feel like they can actively participate in the process of getting justice for their father.”

Buckley and his attorneys say that they are satisfied that Boyd was arrested and charged at the appropriate time, and they will continue to watch what the prosecution will do. For now, Donell and his family will still have to carry the loss of their loved one and hope that justice will be served.

WAFB did reach out to Jace Boyd’s attorney and they did not wish to do an interview with us, instead they are choosing to wait for their day in court.

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