Gov. Edwards signs more bills on June 22 - June 29

Sen. Cleo Fields responds to Gov. John Bel Edwards signing the mandatory kindergarten bill.
Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 3:02 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 29, 2021 at 4:11 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Tuesday, June 22, through Tuesday, June 29, that he had signed the following bills into law from the 2021 Legislative Session.

Gov. John Bel Edwards signed several bills into law on Tuesday, June 22, including sports betting and medical marijuana.
The governor has given his final approval to a bill that would allow raw, smokable marijuana to be given out to patients across the state.
Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed a bill to end the "pink tax."
  • ACT 413—HB 42 Provides relative to financial aid.
  • ACT 414—HB 81 Provides relative to prescription.
  • ACT 415—HB 85 Creates a literacy program for certain public school students.
  • ACT 416—HB 108 Provides with respect to in forma pauperis proceedings.
  • ACT 417—HB 119 Provides relative to the Advisory Council on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  • ACT 418—HB 129 Provides relative to peace officers.
  • ACT 419—HB 170 Provides relative to reporting of students identified as having dyslexia.
  • ACT 420—HB 211 Provides relative to public school choice.
  • ACT 421—HB 218 Authorizes the installation and use of newborn safety devices at certain infant relinquishment sites designated in the Safe Haven Law.
  • ACT 422—HB 374 Provides relative to residential lessee screening.
  • ACT 423—HB 388 Provides relative to the preparation and verification process of absentee and early voting ballots prior to election day.
  • ACT 424—HB 391 Authorizes the recommendation of medical marijuana in raw or crude form and limits the dispensing of such product.
  • ACT 425—HB 423 Establishes requirements concerning reports of abortions performed or induced.
  • ACT 426—HB 435 Provides relative to video draw poker devices.
  • ACT 427—HB 541 Provides relative to the central computer monitoring system of electronic gaming devices located at certain gaming facilities.
  • ACT 428—SB 4 Eliminates certain aggregate campaign contribution limitations.
  • ACT 429—SB 27 Provides relative to military and veteran-friendly postsecondary education policies.
  • ACT 430—SB 34 Provides for responsibilities of law enforcement officers while interacting with the public.
  • ACT 431—SB 94 Provides relative to insurance cost-sharing practices.
  • ACT 432—SB 105 Provides for an African-American military service members monument in the Louisiana Veterans Memorial Park.
  • ACT 433—SB 127 Provides relative to specialized behavioral health rehabilitation services in the Louisiana medical assistance program.
  • ACT 434—SB 130 Provides for payment of health insurance provider claim payment claims.
  • ACT 435—SB 142 Provides for the disposition of funds generated by sports wagering.
  • ACT 436—SB 204 Provides for live racing dates and minimum number of races per day to be assigned by the Louisiana State Racing Commission.
  • ACT 437—SB 209 Provides relative to horse racing including historical horse racing.
  • ACT 438—SB 222 Provides relative to early literacy.
  • ACT 439—SB 230 Provides relative to power-based violence on college and university campuses.
  • ACT 440—SB 247 Provides relative to the regulation of sports wagering.
  • ACT 441—SB 232 Establishes and provides for the Power-Based Violence Review Panel.
  • ACT 442—HB 44 Provides for an additional exception when hauling construction aggregates.
  • ACT 443—HB 93 Exempts the Iberia Parish Airport Authority from the public lease law applicable to certain properties.
  • ACT 444—HB 228 Provides relative to restroom access for individuals with certain conditions.
  • ACT 445—HB 337 Provides relative to the applicability of certain lease terms to the Shreveport Downtown Airport.
  • ACT 446—HB 338 Provides relative to the applicability of certain lease terms to the Vivian Municipal Airport.
  • ACT 447—HB 394 Requires postsecondary education institutions to post reports relative to campus security policies and campus crime statistics on their websites.
  • ACT 448—HB 639 Provides relative to infrastructure funding.
  • ACT 449—HB 7 Provides for a sales and use tax exemption for feminine hygiene products and diapers.
  • ACT 450—HB 172 Provides for Medicaid coverage of dental care for certain adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
  • ACT 451—HB 430 Provides relative to the officer’s bill of rights.
  • ACT 452—HB 446 Creates and provides for the office of the state Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator within the division of administration.
  • ACT 453—HB 678 Provides for the Louisiana work opportunity tax credit.
  • ACT 454—HB 680 Establishes the Louisiana Youth Jobs Tax Credit Program.
  • ACT 455—HB 705 Provides relative to the misclassification of employees and a criteria for the classification of employees.
  • ACT 456—SB 86 Requires the governing authority of each public school to develop and adopt policies for the installation and operation of video cameras in certain classrooms.
  • ACT 457—SB 148 Establishes the M.J. Foster Promise Program.
  • ACT 458—SB 214 Provides relative to individual graduation plans and high school curriculum options.
  • ACT 459—SB 36 Provides relative to net operating loss deductions on Louisiana corporation income.
  • ACT 460—SB 97 Provides for advanced recycling facilities and processes for the conversion of certain recovered materials.
  • ACT 461—SB 149 Provides for a special election for submission of proposed constitutional amendments to the electors.
  • ACT 462—HB 395 Provides relative to the unlawful posting of criminal activity.

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