Gov. Edwards signs another round of bills into law

FILE - Louisiana State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge, La.
FILE - Louisiana State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge, La.(Source: WAFB)
Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 5:29 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Gov. John Bel Edwards signed another round of bills into law on Wednesday, June 16, from the 2021 Louisiana Legislative Session.

  • ACT 248—HB 15 Provides for the crime of staging of a motor vehicle collision.
  • ACT 249—HB 24 Authorizes members of the Louisiana State Police Retirement System to purchase additional service credits at the time of retirement.
  • ACT 250—HB 29 Provides relative to Firefighters’ Retirement System’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan and unfunded accrued liability.
  • ACT 251—HB 45 Provides relative to the jurisdictional amount in dispute for the City Court of Sulphur.
  • ACT 252—HB 46 Provides relative to certain pretrial procedures.
  • ACT 253—HB 51 Changes the territorial jurisdiction of justices of the peace and constables in Pointe Coupee Parish.
  • ACT 254—HB 62 Requires the St. James Parish assessor to pay the cost of certain insurance premiums for certain retirees of the assessor’s office.
  • ACT 255—HB 74 Provides relative to the workers’ compensation claims office requirement for insurers issuing such policies in Louisiana.
  • ACT 256—HB 87 Provides relative to administrative adjudication of certain ordinance violations in the city of Monroe.
  • ACT 257—HB 92 Increases the amount paid for a person who has been wrongfully convicted.
  • ACT 258—HB 144 Provides relative to the membership of the governing board of the Acadia Parish Convention and Visitors Commission.
  • ACT 259—HB 152 Provides for the continuous revision of the Code of Civil Procedure.
  • ACT 260—HB 220 Provides relative to public works contracts.
  • ACT 261—HB 221 Provides relative to certain commercial driver’s license applicants.
  • ACT 262—HB 230 Provides relative to aquaculture development and the Louisiana Aquatic Chelonian Research and Promotion Board.
  • ACT 263—HB 242 Establishes the Louisiana Commission on Security for the Faith Community.
  • ACT 264—HB 257 Creates the Plantation Trace Crime Prevention and Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish.
  • ACT 265—HB 265 Provides relative to penalties for unlawful use of an unmanned aircraft system.
  • ACT 266—HB 270 Provides for definitions and exemptions relative to telemedicine and telehealth.
  • ACT 267—HB 359 Provides relative to solicitors.
  • ACT 268—HB 58 Extends certain funding for the Mineral and Energy Operation Fund.
  • ACT 269—HB 64 Provides relative to misleading solicitations by nongovernmental entities which imply certain governmental connections.
  • ACT 270—HB 70 Provides relative to amendment of petitions in delinquency proceedings.
  • ACT 271—HB 106 Provides relative to pleas of guilty or nolo contendere in felony cases.
  • ACT 272—HB 113 Allows the spouse of a public servant to be employed by a person who has or who is seeking a business or financial relationship with the agency of the public servant under specified circumstances.
  • ACT 273—HB 134 Provides for the composition and authority of the Allen Parish Capital Improvements Board.
  • ACT 274—HB 135 Provides relative to the position of deputy chief of police in the city of Oakdale.
  • ACT 275—HB 156 Provides for changing the job title of school guidance counselor to school counselor.
  • ACT 276—HB 183 Provides relative to state income tax withholdings on federal disaster unemployment compensation benefits.
  • ACT 277—HB 188 Provides with respect to healthcare records.
  • ACT 278—HB 192 Authorizes credit card payment to manufacturers and wholesale dealers of alcoholic beverages.
  • ACT 279—HB 197 Provides relative to occupational licenses for dependents of healthcare professionals.
  • ACT 280—HB 261 Provides relative to the qualifications of the members of the municipal fire and police civil service board.
  • ACT 281—HB 267 Provides relative to the online dispute resolution pilot project for certain cases filed in the City Court of East St. Tammany.
  • ACT 282—SB 12 Creates a retired clerks and clerk’s employees insurance fund for the Orleans Parish Clerk of Civil District Court.
  • ACT 283—SB 66 Provides for the Peace Officer and Public Safety Personnel Peer Support and Mental Health Wellness Act.
  • ACT 284—SB 80 Reallocates a portion of the state sales tax on room rentals in St. Landry Parish to the Liberty Theatre in Eunice.
  • ACT 285—SB 81 Establishes reporting requirements to the Department of Revenue for businesses and governmental entities using service providers.
  • ACT 286—SB 125 Exempts certain infused prescription drugs from local sales tax.
  • ACT 287—SB 160 Conforms state partnership reporting adjustments to federal taxable income to current federal partnership audit adjustments.
  • ACT 288—SB 15 Provides relative to purchase of telecommunication and video equipment or services by state agencies.
  • ACT 289—SB 53 Provides relative to the Orleans Parish Civil District Court judicial building fund.
  • ACT 290—SB 76 Provides relative to the hotel and lodging exception permit.
  • ACT 291—SB 96 Provides for the waste tire program in the Department of Environmental Quality.

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