Bill to split up BREC is voluntarily deferred

Published: May. 27, 2021 at 9:03 AM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - After a lot of controversy over this bill between lawmakers and residents in Zachary and central, Republican Senator Bodi White says negotiations were made and just because he’s stepping aside, doesn’t mean he’s backing down.

“I started meeting with BREC yesterday, we met through the night land we met all this morning”, said White.

A long night of negotiations called Senator White to give the BREC parks and rec system one more chance.

“Those talks were great last night and went into this morning and I’m glad the senator remained open minded and willing to sit down and give us another year”, said BREC Superintendent Cory Wilson.

Part of the agreement was that BREC would set up advisory committees for people to voice what they want to see done to their parks.

“Additionally, I would like to see BREC form advisory committees for Zachary, Central, Baker, the St. George area, and the city of Baton Rouge”, said White.

Both White and Wilson said their negotiations were centered around what was best for the kids and that the passion from both sides is what ultimately brought them to the table.

“I agree with what the senator says we are passionate, and we want to help the children as well. I think we have the same objectives and I think we can improve the lines of communication”, said Wilson.

But Senator White says although he’s giving them one more year, he won’t hold back if the parks in Zachary and Central aren’t maintained to his satisfaction or his supporters.

“And if we don’t, it’s not a threat, I’ll show you the poll and I’m gonna give it to the media. I told you how I polled it I didn’t just make up my mind I was gonna do it one day. The people in our area, the overwhelming majority, don’t feel like they get the service they need”, said White.

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