Champion of Respect: A new effort in the Capital City

Updated: May. 25, 2021 at 5:51 AM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A new effort is underway in the Capital City to make sure that people remember manners, kindness, and civility. Jil Rigby Garner is the Founder and Executive Director of Manners of the Heart Champions of Respect.

Their method for Manners of the Heart is set to emerge as a leader in a massive community movement to reawaken respect in the world around us. Through this initiative, we invite individuals to become Champions of Respect, right where they are.

By engaging citizens to Join the Movement, we transform passive supporters into active mission owners. Attainable change is achieved through the realization that respect begins and extends from one’s immediate circle of influence.

For a community to thrive, mutual, abiding respect must be the foundation. Understanding and respect enable us to live together as a cohesively diverse community.

After twenty years in the Heart Education business, Manners of the Heart (MOH) finds itself at the forefront of a critical dialogue on respect.

The Champion of Respect project seeks to mobilize what we see as Louisiana’s greatest resource – its people – in an effort to reawaken respect in our society for the sake of the next generation.

While financial support may be one component of the program, the true call to action is a commitment to live out the values the title implies. Your participation fuels the movement taking place to reawaken respect in the world around us. Anyone can become a Champion of Respect, right where they are:

School of Respect

  • Classroom of Respect/The Pledge of Respect for students
  • School of Respect/The Respect Creed/Professional Development/Curriculum Implementation
  • Parent/Family Workshops/Recognition for participation

Businesses of Respect

  • Employee engagement/Toolkits/Respect-based training/The Pledge of Respect
  • Fundraising (Sponsorship, Partnership, 3rd party event, Funding opportunities)

Home of Respect

  • Viral engagement/The Pledge of Respect/Parenting books and family resources
  • Volunteer/Donate/Social Media Ambassadors/Funding opportunities

Community of Respect

  • Community awareness and engagement of community leaders
  • The Pledge of Respect/Public officials, facilities
  • Foundations/Media/Sports teams/Nonprofits/Churches/Associations

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