Iberville Parish government working to deploy aqua dams to combat flooding

Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 12:17 AM CDT
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PLAQUEMINE, La. (WAFB) - Iberville Parish crews deployed aqua dams along Manchac Road on Tuesday, May 18, in anticipation of heavy rainfall for the rest of the week.

The structure will act as a flood control barrier to prevent flooding from Bayou Manchac and the surrounding water basins.

Parish President Mitchell Ourso said they are anticipating the bayou will overflow similar to how it did during the 2016 flood. He said without the aqua dam, close to 100 homes could be at serious risk.

“It would be catastrophic to our residents in Iberville Parish,” said Ourso.

Ourso said that’s what they’re trying to avoid by adding this extra flood protection.

“I think we have around a half-dozen homes in our Bayou Paul area that’s already inundated with water and with this water coming across this road would only worsen the situation,” Ourso added.

A look around the parish shows why the extra precaution is needed. Along Etta Street, the rain filled one yard with water like an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

“It gets pretty crazy here,” said Monika Kuss.

Back on Bayou Paul Road, Daisy Comeaux’s home sits directly where the water will continue to overflow without the aqua dam in place.

“Spanish Lake is a holding basin and there’s nowhere for the water to go, so it’s going to end up in my yard,” said Comeaux.

She said this has given her flashbacks to 2016 but it hasn’t reached that level quite yet.

“Nothing like this. It just comes in, it rains, it flows off. But now, it’s holding. It’s standing and encroaching on the front yard of our property,” Comeaux explained.

She added all she and her neighbors can do is hope for the best.

“It’s just a wait and see and praying quite a bit,” said Comeaux.

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