‘He is a miracle:’ After fighting COVID-19 in hospital since Dec., TPSO sgt. heads home Wednesday

Sgt. with TPSO will reunite with family after fighting COVID-19 in the hospital for 5 months

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - After fighting for his life against COVID-19 since December, Sgt. Charles Warren with the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office will finally be reunited with his family on Wednesday, May 5.

Warren, 59, is a retired Air Force veteran and has spent the last 29 years in enforcement. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 in November 2020.

“He first went in the hospital; I want to say it was December 6,” said Donna Warren, Charles’s wife. “And from that time on, it’s just been one big roller coaster ride.”

He was transferred to the intensive care unit, where he spent more than 100 days on a ventilator.

“After a surgery, they went in, they scraped one lung. He ended up with three chest tubes, tracheotomy, and a peg. We didn’t know if he would be coming off of it or not. It was so touch-and-go there. And one day, he just kind of like woke up and was like, ‘I’m going to fight. You know, I’m going to push through this,’” Donna added.

The family said the tube that was helping him breathe was finally removed around April 1.

Sgt Charles Warren
Sgt Charles Warren (Source: WAFB)

Warren has been in a rehab center in Baton Rouge for the past few weeks, dealing with the lingering effects from COVID-19, like not being able to lift his arms or legs for a while.

Sgt. Charles "Chuck" Warren is scheduled to return home on May 5 after nearly 150 battling COVID-19.
Sgt. Charles "Chuck" Warren is scheduled to return home on May 5 after nearly 150 battling COVID-19. (Source: Facebook/TPSO)

“COVID pretty much scarred his lungs. They’re, as you would say, more or less like so much damage to them, it’s like cement fibrotic per se. So, it’s almost like being worse than a smoker for someone that’s never smoked,” Donna explained.

The whole process has been painful for his family.

“I just was like praying, because you always want to help people when you can’t fix people, especially your loved ones. You know, that’s the hardest thing. And I just remember crying and telling him, ‘I wish I could fix you,’” said Donna.

But Wednesday will be a brand-new day. After all the trials and tribulations that this virus has brought to the family, Sgt. Warren will head home. Hopefully, he will never miss a holiday or a family birthday ever again.

“We don’t take anything for granted for sure. And we do know miracles happen because he is a miracle,” Donna added.

Sgt. Warren has four children and three grandchildren. He will still have to use an oxygen tank to help him breathe, along with a walker and a wheelchair.

But he will be released from the Baton Rouge Rehab Center at 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

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