EBR unveils new traffic light to get drivers through intersections quicker

Updated: Apr. 28, 2021 at 5:38 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - East Baton Rouge Parish is setting up a new traffic light across the parish that is meant to get drivers through intersections quicker.

A new traffic light is coming to East Baton Rouge Parish, and it’s designed for drivers’ safety. It’s a flashing yellow traffic light, there’s already one located on Hooper and Mickens intersection near Central, and soon there’ll be all over the parish. East Baton Rouge Parish’s MOVE EBR program will install 70 new flashing yellow turn signals.

“To me a flashing yellow light means you can left once the intersection is clear through traffic. Once that’s done, you should not have any problem making that movement,” says Fred Raiford who is the director of transportation and drainage for EBR parish.

While a yellow light signals driver to yield, if you a driver pulls up to a flashing arrow it means they can turn left as long as there is no oncoming traffic. These new traffic lights will only be used in single left lanes.

“Today’s society, everybody is in a hurry there’s no question about that. You got to be there within seconds and when you are trying to make these turning movements sometimes when cars are coming, it ends up being serious accidents,” adds Raiford.

The Federal Highway Administration conducted several tests for these lights and approved them back in 2009. Their findings showed they do keep traffic flowing, helping drivers get where they need to go faster. Today, we asked folks in the parish what they think of the new lights.

Ginger Moak, who is an EBR resident, says, “When you see the green light a lot of people think that means they have the right to go, where you see the yellow caution light it will remind you that you need to pay attention to oncoming traffic, so yeah I think it will help.”

Another resident from EBR, Jeremy LaFloeur says, “I definitely think there’s going to be a little bit of growth period, but I don’t think it’s something that we’d never be able to understand.”

The Department of Transportation and Development says they have seen more of these traffic signals across the country and already they are benefitting drivers.

DOTD Yellow Flashing Lights
LA 67 LA 64
Perkins (LA 427) Essen (LA 3064)/Staring
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs Rd.) LA 3034/LA 64 (Magnolia Bridge Rd.)
LA 19 (Maine St.) Groom Rd.
LA 19 Truman St./Ray Weiland Dr.
LA 19 LA 3006 (Lavey Ln)/South Magnolia Dr.
LA 67 Lavey Ln.
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Groom Rd./Petit Rd.
LA 408 (Hooper Rd.) LA 946 (Joor Rd.)
LA 408 (Hooper Rd.) LA 3034 (Sullivan Rd.)
LA 19 LA 423 (Thomas Rd.)
LA 408 (Hooper Rd.) Mickens Rd. & Cedar Glen Dr.
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs) Wooddale
LA 37 (Green Springs Rd.) LA 946 (Joor Rd.)/Oak Villa
LA 37 (Green Springs Rd.) Monterrey
I-110 Hollywood St.
I-110 Ramps Chippewa St.
LA 67 (22nd St.) North Blvd.
US 61/190 Bus Evangeline/Gulf States
US 61/190 Hollywood St.
US 61/190 Greenwell St.
US 61/190 Merrydale Ave.
US 61/190 Evangeline
US 61 LA 42/LA 948 (Highland Rd.)
LA 426 (Old Hammond) Tara Blvd.
LA 73 (Jefferson) Old Bluebonnet
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus Acadian Thruway
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus Peachtree
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus Bon Carre
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus Cora
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus Sharp
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus Sherwood Forest Blvd.
I-12 WB EXIT RAMP LA 1068 (Drusilla)
LA 67 (22nd St.) North St.
LA 67 (22nd St.) Fuqua
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Choctaw
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Chippewa St.
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Winbourne
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Mohican
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Evangeline
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Hollywood St.
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Sumrall Dr.
US 61 (Scenic) LA 19/Swan Ave.
US 61 (Scenic) N. Foster
LA 1248 (Bluebonnet) Highland
US 61 (Scenic) LA 408 (Harding)
US 61 (Scenic) Mills Ave.
US 61/190 (Airline) Tom Dr.
US 61/190 (Airline) Goodwood Blvd.
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus Ardenwood
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus LA 67 (N 22nd)
US 61/190 (Airline) Prescott
LA 3164 (Scenic) Choctaw Dr.
LA 946 (Joor) Mickens
LA 408 (Harding Blvd.) F St. (Southern Campus)
LA 19 Blount Rd.
US 190 (Florida) Flannery
US 61/190 (Airline) Florline Blvd
US 61 (Scenic) Blount Rd.
US 190 (Florida) Little John
I-110 LA 408/Veterans
US 61 (Scenic) Mills Ave.
LA 19 Baker Blvd.
LA 67 Monarch/72nd Ave.
LA 64 LA 964
LA 408 (Hooper Rd.) LA 423 (Foster)
LA 946 (Joor) Lovett
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus Donmoor
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs) Flannery
LA 426 (Old Hammond) Flannery
College Dr. I-10 Eastbound Ramps
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs) Frenchtown
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs) N. Sherwood Forest
US 190 (Florida) Stevendale Rd.
LA 67 Kent Dr.
LA 946 (Joor) Prescott
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs) Lanier Dr.
LA 3034 (Sullivan) LA 3034 (Wax Rd.)
Perkins (LA 427) College/Lee
US 190 (Florida) McGehee/Greenoaks
I-110 SERV NB North Blvd.
LA 73 (Jefferson) Stumberg
LA 30 (Nicholson Dr.) LA 327 (Skip Bertman/S. Stadium)
LA 426 (Old Hammond) Millerville
I-12 Millerville
US 190 (Florida) Marilyn
LA 30 (Nicholson Dr.) W. McKinley St.
I-12 LA 3245 (O'Neal Ln.)
I-10 Dalrymple/E. Lakeshore
LA 94 (Joor) Greenwell St.
US 61/190 (Florida) Bus Cloud
LA 73 (Jefferson) Tiger Bend
I-10 Ramps @ Perkins
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs) Platt Dr.
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs) Monticello
LA 73 (Jefferson) McCarroll Dr.
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs) Ridgemont
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Denham St.
LA 3246 (Siegen) Industriplex
LA 3246 (Siegen) Reitz
US 61/190 (Airline) E. Industrial
LA 408 (Hooper) LA 410 (Blackwater Rd.)
LA 73 (Jefferson) Baringer/Baringer-Foreman
LA 73 (Jefferson) LA 948 (Highland)/Round Oak
LA 3246 (Siegen) Reiger
US 61 Barringer-Foreman
LA 73 (Jefferson) LA 1068 (Drusilla)
LA 427 (Perkins) Kenilworth Pkwy.
LA 19 Lower Zachary/New Weis Rd.
LA 30 (Nicholson Dr.) W. Roosevelt St.
LA 30 (Nicholson Dr.) LA 327-S (Gardere)
LA 42 (Highland) Perkins/Highlandia
LA 3064 (Essen) Picardy
LA 3246 (Siegen) LA 42 (Highland Rd.)
LA 42 (Burbank) E. Boyd
US 61/190 (River Rd.) Bus Hollywood Casino
Millerville Spring Ridge
LA 73 (Jefferson) Hoo Shoo Too
LA 427 (Perkins) Pollard Pkwy
LA 3064 (Essen) United Plaza (North)
LA 73 (Jefferson) Floynell
LA 42 (Highland) Perkins/Home Depot
LA 427 (Perkins) Quail Dr.
US 61 (Airline) Home Depot
LA 42 (Burbank) Jennifer Jean
US 190 (Florida Blvd.) Centerway/Broadmoor Ave.
LA 427 (Acadian) University Phoenix/Outback
LA 427 (Perkins) Congress Blvd.
LA 73 (Jefferson) EB I-12 On Ramp
LA 64 Super Walmart D'way
LA 427 (Perkins) One Perkins Place
LA 427 (Perkins) Balis
LA 73 (Jefferson) Wrenwood/Office Park
LA 408 (Harding Blvd.) Howell Blvd.
LA 19 Church St.
LA 427 (Perkins Rd.) Valley St.
LA 1248 (Bluebonnet) N.Oak Hills Pkwy
LA 408 (Harding Blvd.) ATMC/RaceTrac
LA 426 (Old Hammond) N. Harrell's Ferry Rd.
LA 3246 (Siegen) Cloverland
LA 67 (Plank Rd.) Coca Cola Plant Driveway
LA 427 (Perkins) Pecue Ln.
LA 3064 (Essen) United Plaza (South)
LA 3064 (Essen) Archives
US 61 (Airline) Pecue/Stumberg
LA 30 (Nicholson Dr.) LA 1248 (Bluebonnet)
LA 37 (Greenwell Springs) Central Thruway
US 190 (Florida) US 61 Bus (River Rd.)
LA 64 Home Depot
LA 73 Antioch (new)
US 61 (Airline) Antioch (new)
LA 1248 (Bluebonnet) Park Rowe Ave
LA 64 Newell St.
LA 42 (Burbank) Staring Ln.
LA 3246 (Siegen) N. Oak Hills
LA 42 (Burbank) W. Parker
LA 42 (Burbank) Ben Hur
LA 64 Montegudo/McHugh
SOURCE: Sources (DOTD)

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