Woman travels from Va. to BR to see announcement of Mulkey as head coach for Lady Tigers

Some super fans excited to see Mulkey back in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Tiger fans from near and far came to see the historic announcement of Kim Mulkey as LSU women’s basketball head coach.

And one fan traveled around 1,000 miles just to be in Baton Rouge for the special moment.

When Hall of Fame coach Kim Mulkey made her triumphant entrance into the PMAC, fans went crazy but one woman was especially excited.

Judy Davis is originally from Houma, La. but moved to Virginia five years ago.

“I decided at 9:30 last night, I’m going,” said Davis.

Davis flew all the way to Baton Rouge just to see Mulkey introduced as head coach.

VA to BR 2
VA to BR 2 (Source: wafb)

“I had a bed and breakfast and a catering business. I catered her wedding. I did the baptismal luncheon for her children. She’s just been a part of our family forever,” Davis explained.

She said she has known Mulkey since she was 18 years old and added this was the perfect time for the coach to make what she calls a ‘decision of the heart.’

“And she is indeed the same person today that she was when I met her 41 years ago,” Davis noted.

But she is not the only fan of Mulkey’s decision to relocate to Baton Rouge.

“I take it you’re a pretty big LSU women’s basketball fan for a while?” one man was asked.

“Yes, for about like 25 years,” said Stan Douglas.

LSU hat
LSU hat (Source: wafb)

He wore his special hat, decked out with swag, all the way from the glory days when the Lady Tigers made all those Final Four appearances.

He is ecstatic about the hiring of Mulkey.

“Well, after I quit jumping up and down, I was just ... my heartbeat went back to normal. It was great. I went and pulled my hat off the shelf and put my TAF (Tiger Athletic Foundation) coat on and said, ‘Let’s go,’” Douglas explained.

It’s brought a new level of excitement for fans, who have high hopes for the program.

“I don’t expect it (Final Four) the first year but I think she will build the program to where fans want it to be,” said Jackie Thompson, another fan.

“LSU is getting the crown jewel,” Davis added.

“To everybody that loves LSU, we need your help,” said Mulkey. “Don’t wait until we start winning to buy your season tickets. You have to help us get to that level of winning. When the game is close and tight, just one sell-out crowd will help us get there.”

Mulkey urged Tiger fans to be patient as she builds the program but added she accepted the job at LSU to win a national championship.

LSU stands
LSU stands (Source: wafb)

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