West Feliciana Parish considers getting rid of recycling center due to littering

West Feliciana Parish officials considering doing away with recycling center due to littering

ST. FRANCISVILLE, La. (WAFB) - West Feliciana Parish’s recycling center is becoming a dumping ground because folks keep littering, which may prompt the parish to get rid of the center altogether.

Two bins, one as a dumpster and the other as a recycling bin, were supposed to be a good thing for the parish. Monthly, it takes about $5,500 to keep these bins going but the parish may not keep that up if people keep misusing them.

“When people start throwing stuff on the ground, we can’t be out working on their roads when we are picking up trash behind folks,” said West Feliciana Parish President Kenny Havard. “So, we are asking people to please use it. Well, we want them to use it. Please, don’t abuse it.”

Havard said workers have to spend two hours each morning picking up the garbage, even though there is a dumpster on the recycling site.

Lauren Field, who lives in West Feliciana Parish, says she’s worried if officials get rid of the recycling center, that it will just mean more dumping in other places around the parish.

“The parish has gone to a lot of expense to put the recycle bins here and to provide us with a bulk waste dump site and a site for white goods,” said Field. “So, there’s no reason for people to throw trash out on the highway. There’s no reason for them to abuse this center by dumping their household garbage.”

However, the parish is taking a stand to catch the litterbugs. It already has surveillance cameras at the site and doesn’t plan to stop there.

“So, we put some cameras up now and we are going to be putting those around the parish as well to get people where they are having dumping problems. We are going to be putting pictures and images on our Facebook page,” Havard added.

Havard is hoping that putting people on blast will serve as a warning and get them to clean up their acts.

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