‘I work for a living. Why can’t you work’ - Residents furious after windows smashed at apartment complex behind Mall of La.

Updated: Apr. 19, 2021 at 10:51 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Thieves broke into 14 cars overnight on Sunday, April 18, at an apartment complex in Baton Rouge.

Some car windows are now boarded up with tape and trash bags until owners can figure out if their insurance will cover the damages.

“I just don’t like criminals,” said Cashius Jackson, one of the victims. “Like, I work for a living. Why can’t you work and do what I do?”

Pieces of glass line the parking lot of an apartment complex behind the Mall of Louisiana, as deputies with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office investigate the latest string of car burglaries in the parish.

veh burg 3
veh burg 3(wafb)

“They took one of my iPhones. I had two iPhones. They took my lesson plans, you know, because I teach school. Today is just a bad day, a bad Monday,” Jackson added.

People like Jackson are now forced to roll around town without a driver’s side window.

“I’m sick to my stomach. Like, literally, I can’t eat. My stomach’s turning. I’m a loyal citizen. I pay my tithes. I go to church. I live right. And this the thanks I get when I come out in the morning and get ready to go to work,” Jackson explained.

veh burg
veh burg(wafb)
Authorities say 14 vehicles were broken into at an apartment complex behind the Mall of...
Authorities say 14 vehicles were broken into at an apartment complex behind the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, La. on Sunday, April 18, 2021.(WAFB)

A thief even tried to take a bat to the front windshield of one car but the glass held.

“It’s like, you know, they broke into these poor people’s cars, whether they broke in the cars or just vandalized them,” said Damion Frey, a neighbor. “I wish they would’ve vandalized my trash can and helped take the trash out or something like that, you know?”

It’s obviously frustrating when you lock your car at night but something like this still happens to you or your neighbor.

“Other than to make sure that you literally have zero things in your car,” said Melanie Smoke. “Our other car is older. There’s literally nothing in it. So, I would hope that they would see there’s nothing in it. Please don’t smash the window but if they do it, they do it.”

The experts over at have these tips if your car window gets smashed:

- First, take a deep breath. You’ll need to cancel your appointments or call in late at work to properly deal with this.

- Document the scene. Without touching anything, use your phone or a camera to snap pictures of the broken window at different angles, as well as any interior damage.

- Note any missing property. That includes missing car components and any missing items you had in the car.

- Gather your driver’s license, car insurance card, and vehicle registration. You’ll need these when you call the police.

- File a police report. Call your local police or go to the police station and calmly explain what happened.

- Protect your personal information. If your wallet or purse was stolen, the thief may have your credit/debit card or documents containing personal information. Call your bank to report the lost card and consider placing a fraud alert on your account.

- File an insurance claim, depending on your coverage. Depending on your insurance plan, this might cause your rates to go up, so consider carefully.

“Called my insurance company, said I have to wait until Wednesday. So, I have to ride around like this for the next couple of days,” said Jackson.

Deputies added to make sure you report the crime to authorities, besides just sharing it to social media on apps, like Nextdoor.

The investigation into what happened at the apartment complex continues. Contact Crime Stoppers at 344-7867 if you have any information.

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