Scammers after people through COVID-19 surveys

BBB warns of COVID-19 vaccine survey scams

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Vaccination sites are popping up all over and more people than ever are getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

With that comes the risk of scammers getting your personal information through a vaccine survey.

The survey claims to be from pharmaceutical company Pfizer, with questions about their COVID-19 vaccine.

Cameron Million with the Better Business Bureau said the scam works when you get an email or text message that claims to be from Pfizer. In some versions, the message says that you will receive money for completing a quick survey. Some will offer a “free” product.

Million is warning you not to click the link. These survey scams have a variety of tricks and links that may lead to a real survey, which prompts you to sign up for a “free trial offer upon completion.

Victims have told the BBB that they are asked to enter their credit card information to pay what they thought was a shipping fee. Instead, the scammers billed them many times and never sent the product.

In other versions, the form is a phishing scam that requests banking and credit card information. You’re told to watch out for those claiming to be from Moderna and Johnson and Johnson too.

You can spot the survey scam by not clicking on links that come in unsolicited emails. Scams often pretend to be personalized for you, but are actually blast emails. If you never signed up for emails from a company, you shouldn’t be getting them.

Another way to spot a scam is if it prompts you to act immediately to push you into action before you have had time to think. Always be wary of emails urging you to act immediately or face a consequence.

Million said to watch for typos, strange phrasing and bad grammar. Scammers can easily copy a brand’s name, but awkward wording and poor grammar are typically a giveaway that the message is a scam.

Also, hover over URLs and make sure the links lead to the business’s official website, not a domain name variation.

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