YOUR MONEY: Five things to buy in April

Your Money: 5 things to buy in April

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Sara Skirboll, the Shopping Expert at, and her team of data analysts do the research to find shopping and savings trends.

Not only do they find the five best things to buy every month but they track it by seasons, too.

Let’s start with the lagniappe category this month.

Since it is officially Spring winter gear will be going on sale.

Take the time to browse the websites of your favorite winter gear retailers to see if they are offering any major discounts or sales right now.

Here are the top five things RetailMeNot suggests buying and saving money on this month.

1. Video Games

We’ve been talking about the rise in popularity of Esports so this is good time to check out these discounts. Right now, shoppers can find up to 50 percent off of deals at GameStop.

2. Makeup & Skincare

Earth Day happens to be towards the end of April so Skirboll says a lot of the environmentally conscious beauty brands will be offering discounts. She said to keep an eye out for discounts and free samples from stores like Sephora, Ulta and Kiehl’s.

3. Shoes

Data analysts found that shoe sales are not that popular during the winter so retailers start offering big discounts in the spring. You can score different types of savings at retailers like DSW.

4. Vacuums

Retailers use the beginning of Spring as a time to push promotions on all sorts of cleaning devices especially vacuum cleaners. While newer models may not see the deepest discounts yet, take a look at inventory from the last few years and save money on essential and big ticket household item.

5. Easter Candy

Now that we’re past the official Easter holiday, it’s a good time to save money on Easter candy. Whatever your favorite is chances are you can get a good deal on it.

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