Churches gear up for Easter weekend, this time with less COVID-19 restrictions

Churches gear up for Easter Sunday

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Tomorrow people may see a few more faces in the pew for Easter mass, it’s one that priests have been looking forward to with more parishioners expected to come in for mass.

“This time last year, we were all locked away in our house, and I was celebrating Easter mass by myself with an empty church and joining everybody online. So, it’s been a real wonderful blessing to see our folks finally start coming back as they feel more comfortable as they get their vaccines and they feel more comfortable coming back to worship with us,” says Father Michael Allelo who is at St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

Father Allelo says he is slowly starting to see more Catholics come back, and for Easter Sunday he expects even more. At least bigger than their Christmas mass.

“It’s funny, we really told people at Christmas stay home we’re not really ready for you back. The vaccines weren’t out and some people were still very nervous at Christmas. Over the last few months, as people become vaccinated, they have ben trickling back in and it’s been kind of nice to see folks,” adds Father Allelo.

St. Thomas More Catholic Church will still be following the traditional CDC guidelines, but they don’t have any capacity limits. That means for some practicing Catholics this may be their first mass since the pandemic started.

“Yeah, we do have a few folks that will join us for the first time this Easter weekend, and so what better way to reinvigorate your faith and come back to church on Easter celebration,” says Father Allelo.

It’s a small victory for church goers, a chance to celebrate a holiday like normal and rejoice in the little things that people can be grateful for.

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