BR yoga therapist helping people with PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, more

BR yoga therapist helping people with PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, more

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It has been quite the journey for Baton Rouge yoga therapist Jillian Guinta.

She works with people all over the country. Through the use of social media, she’s helping people find their breath. Guinta serves those with PTSD, spinal injuries, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and more.

“Trauma and the effects of trauma or even on a more basic level,” said Jillian Guinta, Yoga Therapist. “Nervous system dysregulation, things like chronic stress, things like feeling too fidgety to really sit down and enjoy free time or time with your family has had huge effects on people in our community.”

Guinta also helps students like Tina Ufford in one-on-one sessions across the Baton Rouge area.

“As soon as you check in to that first 15 minutes of any kind of yoga class at all, you’ll immediately feel what the difference is, find your breath, find yourself in the moment,” said Tina Ufford, Yoga Enthusiast.

Quinta encourages everyone to walk into each session with a goal.

“Usually, what we’re focusing on is what we’re not,” said Quinta. “We’re not on time enough. We don’t have enough money. The car is not right; the shoes may not be right.”

By signing up for a session, you can stray away from the busy daily bustles and focus on what’s happening right here at this moment.

“It can be as simplistic as ‘where’s my breath going?’ am I constantly having to lift my shoulders to accommodate my breath? Or can I breathe deeply into my belly,” said Quinta.

She also said to check in to see if you have any new aches or pains, are struggling with anxious thoughts or have trouble sleeping.

Guinta said if you’re willing to put in the work through yoga therapy, you are going to see the rewards and will be able to turn your emotional dirt into diamonds.

Are you ready to talk about healing? You can get in contact with Guinta through her email or her website.

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