Low turnout at mass vaccination event at Southern University

Low turnout at mass vaccination event at Southern University
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) -On Saturday, Ochsner along with the help of Southern University, aimed to put on a vaccination event the size of which they haven’t seen so far but didn’t get the turnout anticipated.

“To my knowledge this is the largest vaccination event”, said Sandra Brown, dean of Southern University’s College of Nursing and Allied Health.

Ochsner planned to distribute 2,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine but by the time the event was over, less than half of those doses were used and only 4% of those were used for walk-ins.

“Yes, it’s been an ongoing process and the goal has been to reduce any barriers to getting the vaccine”, said Brown.

“We don’t waste any vaccines, that’s the number one thing people should know. And if we’re lucky and get 2,000 people then we will give all the vaccines now, if we fall short of people to vaccinate or arms to vaccinate, we will make sure that we use it in the future”, said Aldo Russo, Regional Medical Director at Ochsner Medical Center.

One of the teens at the event speculates that most young adults and teenagers aren’t rushing to get their vaccines because they feel like they aren’t at risk of being severely affected.

“Mostly yea they don’t feel like they need to. Most of them don’t feel it’s safe to take it”, said 18-year-old Howard Marcelous

He also says most his age don’t see what difference it would make since they would still be required to wear their masks and social distance, even after they’ve been vaccinated.

“We’re all sick and tired of this pandemic and wearing this mask and staying away from people but we have to get back to normalcy and this is the way to get there”, said Russo.

“Gods blessed some people but the lives that have been lost already, that should already be enough of an example why they should go take it”, said Marcelous.

The left over doses are likely to be used at the next event when those who were here today show up again to receive their second dose.

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