‘They wouldn’t leave’: Missouri man gives gruesome details to investigators about murder of Baton Rouge couple

Updated: Mar. 22, 2021 at 4:45 PM CDT
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STRAFFORD, Mo. (WAFB) - An elderly Baton Rouge couple and their daughter were allegedly murdered by their son-in-law over the weekend who “lost his temper” because he had grown tired of his in-laws staying at his home while they helped his wife recover from back surgery, authorities say.

Deputies with the Green County Sheriff’s Office identified the victims as Jesse Huy’s wife, Tonya F. Huy, 48, and her two parents Ronald L. Koehler, 71, and Linda J. Koehler, 78, of Baton Rouge, La.

According to arrest records, Jesse Huy, 50, of Stafford, Mo., called 911 around 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 20 and told the dispatcher he had “just murdered three people.”

Investigators say Huy told the dispatcher the people he killed were “my wife, her mother, and her step-father.” He also said he would not fight or resist arrest when law enforcement arrived at the scene.

Deputies arrived at Huy’s home in the 4400 block of North Farm Road and took him into custody without incident.

Arrest records say, upon being arrested Huy told deputies “I got tired of it and killed all three of them.”

Investigators located the three victims inside the home with multiple gunshot wounds.

“I shot my wife and her mom and her step-dad. Cold blooded murder this afternoon. Shot them each twice in the head,” Huy said when deputies began to question him, according to arrest records.

When asked by the lead investigator why he had allegedly shot the three victims, Huy said “I lost my temper.”

Huy told deputies the Koehlers were staying in the area to help their daughter recover from back surgery. He said he felt his wife’s parents had been disrespectful to him during their stay, arrest records say.

Linda Koehler stayed at the Huy’s home each night and Ronald Koehler would return to a trailer park where the couple kept their RV.

“Her mom moved in on me and Ronald would just come and show up at the house whenever,” Huy told investigators, according to the arrest report.

“I felt intruded on, I felt disrespected, you know. I pay the f***ing bill on that place so that gives me some say,” Huy said. “Linda burrowed in like a tick and made it obvious she wasn’t going anywhere and she knew I wasn’t happy about it.”

According to the arrest report, Huy told his wife the situation was upsetting to him and wanted his in-laws to leave, however his wife, Tonya, was not taking his side.

Deputies say Huy told them Tonya would defend her parents being at the house and said half of the house belonged to her and they could stay as long as they liked.

Investigators say on Saturday Huy returned to his home around 4:30 p.m. and noticed his wife and in-laws were gone. He also noticed some of Linda Koehler’s items were gone and he assumed they packed up and left, according to the arrest report.

Huy went to the top portion of the home where his father lives and soon noticed his wife and in-laws return home. Arrest records say, Huy went to the basement of his home where the three victims were all sitting at the kitchen table.

Deputies say Huy said he looked at Ronald and Linda Koehler and said “Ronald and Linda, you need to leave.”

“My wife said they’re not going anywhere. I’m half owner of this place, they can stay here as long as they want to,” Huy told investigators.

He then told investigators “So I went outside. I got my gun. I walked back in. I shot them all in the head. Then I shot them all in the head again to make sure they were down.”

Authorities stated Huy said the shooting incident took place in less than a minute.

“From the time I lost it, it was a minute and it was over.,” Huy said.

“She made me go off and now there’s three f***ing dead people in under a minute!” Huy told investigators.

Deputies say when they asked Huy if he would take back his actions if possible, he said “You know, I wish I could take it back, but on the other hand I really wish I hadn’t been put in that position.”

Huy told deputies he had a personal code and if someone disrespects him three times, he is going to “fix that problem,” according to the arrest report.

Investigators say Huy requested that he be placed in a jail cell by himself, “Now that I’ve murdered three people I’ve got nothing holding me back,” he said.

A Strafford man has been charged in a murder investigation for the shooting deaths of his spouse and her two parents Saturday night.

Jesse Huy, 50, has been booked into the Greene County Jail on three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of armed criminal action. He is being held without bond.

The sheriff’s office says Huy is accused of killing his spouse, Tonya F. Huy, 48, of Strafford, and her two parents Ronald L. Koehler, 71, and Linda J. Koehler, 78, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Investigators say Huy called authorities Saturday evening to report he murdered three family members inside his home.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Huy told the call taker “I just murdered three people.”

He told the worker at the 911 center the people he had killed were “my wife, her mother, and her step-father.”

When asked “Why did you shoot them?” by the call taker, Huy responded by saying, “Well they wouldn’t leave, I’ve been waiting for a week for them to leave and they wouldn’t leave. I’ve had enough,” according to arrest records.

Huy is currently facing six charges in connection with the alleged shooting, three of the charges are for first-degree murder.

The case remains under investigation.

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