Volunteers and council members come together to clean up Baton Rouge

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Updated: Mar. 20, 2021 at 7:52 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Volunteers and council members are coming together to clean up Baton Rouge by setting up a tire shredder.

Litter, trash and tires continue to be a problem in the Capitol Region, and that’s why Parry Thomas is on a mission to keep Baton Rouge clean, “Wherever we find a batch to discard tires, we try to get them to the curb side, so that DPW is allowed to pick them up.”

On Saturday, Thomas and his crew have been combing through the Capitol Lakes grabbing old tires, bottles and trash that has floated off the streets. They’ve been at if for months, pulling out more than a thousand bags full of litter and countless tires, which come with a whole slew of other problems like mosquitoes.

“The thing that distresses me the most about the tires is that I think that we can change the state law to make it an incentive to process tires correctly and remove the incentive for dumping the tires illegally,” adds Thomas.

Last year a deal fell through to put a tire shredder in East Baton Rouge Parish to help recycle tires. Parish leaders couldn’t decide where to put it, and ultimately missed out on federal dollars to make it happen.

There’s a renewed push to get that shredder that won’t cost the parish. Metro Council Member Carolyn Coleman is looking into how to properly get ride of the tires. She wants to set up a tire shredder in her district to allow anyone to recycle their old tires, so they won’t end up in the watersheds.

“I believe we would definitely be open to this as long as we can make sure that this will not be a burden on the city as far a for paying. As long as it helps us with the cleanliness of our city,” says Coleman.

Coleman and Thomas want to provide incentives to shred the tires, offering some sort of reimbursement when folks drop them off. They know it’s a small set, but it’s one less piece of trash or tie that Thomas and his volunteers will have to pick up.

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