College test prep scams are on the rise, how to avoid them

Testing prep scams are on the rise, how to avoid being scammed

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - ACT and SAT scores are important to parents and students preparing for college. Now scammers are after them as they pay extra for tutors and test prep materials in hopes of a higher score.

President and CEO of The Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana Carmen Million states that you could spot the scam when you get an unsolicited call from a person that says they’re from the College Board. That’s the company responsible for SATs. The caller will claim to be confirming your address so that they can send test prep materials like books, CDs, or videos.

The caller will say they need you to pay a deposit, which can be several hundred dollars. They then will say it will be refunded when the school materials are returned. If you give your address and credit card number, the materials will never come and your deposit will never be refunded. Scammers walk off with your credit card number and other personal information.

“It’s that time of the year where we’re going to receive an uptick on these types of complaints or scams,” said Million. “But again, we want to tell people to investigate, probably the simplest thing is to talk to your school counselor.”

Million also stated you could avoid test prep scams by being wary of unsolicited callers. If someone calls out of no where look up their organization before sharing personal information or agree to receive services or products. You can also lookup the business they claim to represent at

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If a scammer says they are calling because of a service your child requested, tell them you need to check with your child and hang up.

She also said the College Board will never ask you for bank or credit card information over the phone or email. If a caller says otherwise, hang up.

You should use your credit card when possible because they may refund your money if they find a fraudulent charge or if you report one right away.

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