Organizations are trying to do more to help those struggling during coronavirus pandemic

Organizations are trying to do more to help those during the pandemic
Organizations are trying to do more to help those during the pandemic
Published: Mar. 10, 2021 at 8:07 AM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (Great Health Divide) - Right off of Plank Road, Mary’s House of Bread is filling a crucial need, offering services to those facing poverty. Whether it’s food or clothing, they are there to provide an extra hand.

“Sometimes the schools don’t always help for lunches and things like that and when they are not able to help I can rely on the food bank,” says Sededra Wilson.

Wilson has two children and is on a fixed income, she says places like Mary’s House of Bread really help when the bills pile up.

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“I am trying to keep up with the bills, especially with not working it’s kind of hard for me. Sometimes, you know our insurance is going up, things is going up, bills is up going you and you know that’s kind of hard,” Wilson adds.

However, Wilson is not the only one trying to keep up with the bills, many others are too, especially as the pandemic stretches on. Right now, folks are not only looking at their grocery bills but their electrics bill, stressing if they will make it.

“You know sometimes customers hesitate too look into programs because they think that they don’t qualify and it’s really worth your wild to look because you would be surprised how many people qualify for the programs,” says Melonie Stewart, who is the vice president of customer Entergy Louisiana.

Entergy says they want to help their customers during the pandemic when it comes to paying their bills. Right now, the company is offering several payment options that will allow customers to have more time to pay up.

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“We really looked at what are the possibilities to make it easier and usually when you spread out payments, when you allow a customer to pick a day on the month it just makes it easier and less stressful to make those monthly bills,” adds Stewart.

Entergy is hoping more customers will jump onto this program, so they can work together to prevent late fees. It’s a reminder that there are other options when things get rough.

Local food pantries do have set hours of the week, so make sure to call ahead of time or look on their website. If you are interested in the Entergy payment options, you can either do it online or call them.

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