First doses of the Pfizer vaccine given at Gloryland Baptist Church

First doses of the Pzifer vaccine given at Gloryland Baptist Church

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Lines and lines of people gathered outside Gloryland Baptist Church to get their first doses of the Pfizer vaccine, it’s been a long an anticipated wait.

Rose McClendon, says the process for she and her husband wasn’t that bad, and she hopes more people will consider the vaccine. “I would just like to tell everyone, I think you should think about getting the vaccine if you have not thought about getting it, and don’t look at the lines as being too long. Just look at it as one step closer to being safe and getting us back to normalcy.” She even said scheduling her shot was easy, all she had to do was stop and listen. “I saw it on the television on Channel 9 news, and I called the number and once I called the number they scheduled us a vaccine right away,” McClendon adds.

Experiences like McClendon’s are what the Baton Rouge General Hospital (BRG) system hoped for, they’re one of several organizers that wanted to make sure people got in and out of this mass vaccination site without limitations. “We understand and recognize that sometimes there are barriers and challenges to access health care for individuals, and so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for individuals to be able to receive the vaccine,” says Ranesha Ford who is the director of pharmacy services for BRG.

Setting up a vaccination site in a church is part of the Department of Health’s initiative, the goal is to bring people from struggling communities to a place that is well trusted.

“There has been a disparity in the amount of African Americans and people of color having access to the vaccine. In our partnership with the Baton Rouge General and with our awareness campaign with Blue Cross Blue Shield, 100 Black Men felt that it was the best place to start in the faith based community,” says Michael Adam who is the president and chairman of the board for the 100 Black Men.

All appointments at Gloryland were filled Saturday, but there are other mass vaccination sites popping up, you can go to the Louisiana Department of Health’s website to find one near you.

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