Good Samaritan saves 94-year-old Zachary man being attacked by group of vicious dogs

Elderly man bit by vicious dog
Published: Mar. 1, 2021 at 10:59 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A 94-year-old Zachary man is speaking out, just one day after being attacked at his home by a bunch of his neighbors’ dogs, sending him to the hospital.

“The devil was in them,” said David Waldron, the dog-bite victim.

Blood stains are still visible on Waldron’s driveway, along Highway 64 in Zachary.

“I can’t remember what happened next, except I fell down,” said Waldron.

Zachary Police officers were called out Sunday evening to Waldron’s home, after multiple dogs attacked and bit him. Waldron was put in an ambulance and sent to a nearby hospital.

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“It’s my neighbor(s) dogs. But if you got dogs like that, you should have them chained down, caged up,” said Waldron.

“But if it wasn’t for him kicking, I wouldn’t of never seen it. I just thought the dogs were on an animal or something, but it was a human being,” said Andrie Harris.

Good Samaritan Andrie Harris was just getting off of work, and immediately stepped into action when he saw what was happening.

“And when I passed by, I seen about 5 or 6 dogs attacking the gentleman laying on the ground. And I turned around, made a u-turn, and stayed on my horn when I turned around, to try and get their (the dogs) attention. And I drove into the yard, they were still on top of him, and he was kicking. And I was blowing my horn, and I drove all the way into the yard, until the dogs moved back off of him.

I didn’t have no weapons, nothing to protect me with but a long umbrella, that was all I had,” said Harris.

The pit bull mixes are owned by Waldron’s neighbors.

But the dogs are now forcing others who live nearby, to protect themselves and to think twice before leaving their homes.

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“I don’t feel real safe coming out to check my mail, like he was doing. I don’t know which two are still here, but there were three of them here yesterday, that were very scary,” said Brenda Browning, a concerned neighbor.

Browning tells WAFB, the dogs have already attacked a horse and cow in their area before.

According to dog regulations by the City-Parish of Baton Rouge:

“If your dog bites another person, you or the person bitten must report the bite to the Animal Control and Rescue Center, the police department or the Sheriff’s Office with 24 hours. The dog will be impounded and observed for rabies for 10 days, either at the shelter, a veterinary clinic or your home depending on the circumstances of the bite.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Basil is recovering but knows this could have turned out a lot worse.

“Yes, but thank God it wasn’t,” said Waldron.

Zachary Police Chief David McDavid tells WAFB, that Animal Control stopped by to pick up some of the dogs that attacked Waldron Monday morning.

But the chief is not sure if they have captured all of the dogs just yet.

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