Watch for vaccination sign-up scams

(CNN) – The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is expanding, but getting an appointment can be challenging.

Preying on people’s desperation, scammers are stepping in.

Watch out for texts or robocalls asking you to pay to get on a vaccine list.

Also, don’t click on links in texts or emails offering fake opportunities to get the shot.

“Older adults are being prioritized for vaccinations, and while they are not necessarily the group that is most likely to be scammed, that honor, if you could say honor, belongs to 18 to 25-year-olds, according to recent studies,” said Patrick Webre of the Federal Communication Commission’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau. “But older adults do tend to lose more money when they are scanned.”

A big concern is con artists demanding financial and personal information.

Federal regulators warn more consumers will soon hear from crooks calling about vaccines while impersonating an insurance company or health department.

“The best advice regarding vaccines is to visit the website or call your local and state health department to find out the process for your state,” according to Kayla Hernandez with the FCC’s Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division.

Experts remind you’re not required to give your credit card info, bank account number or social security number to get a vaccine appointment.

Everyone will get a shot for free from an approved provider.

“Because the vaccine is so new and a lot of people are thinking about it and wanting it, some folks are even desperate to get this, we know activities related to scams are happening,” said Bao Vang with the Better Business Bureau.

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