Louisiana Department of Health opens up another mass vaccination site

LDH opens mass COVID-19 vaccination site

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Louisiana Department of Health opens up another mass vaccination site in North Baton Rouge at Living Faith Christian Center, a part of their plan to make sure vulnerable communities are accounted for.

More than 3,000 minorities have died from COVID-19 across the state of Louisiana, and now more than ever the Department of Health wants to create herd immunity in areas that have been severely impacted by COVID-19.

“It’s so important especially for people of my color to receive it, and not be afraid of it,” says Brenda Butler. Butler is 71 years old; she’s living with cancer and has suffered multiple heart attacks in the past. Today, she got her first shot, and she hopes more like her will do the same. “It’s too many of people of my color who have passed from this,” she adds.

It’s why LDH is setting up vaccine sites focusing on certain areas in the state where medical access is more sparse. “Well, it’s always been part of the plan in terms of looking at where we put a vaccine, one of the things that we looked at in North Baton Rouge area is there aren’t a lot of health care provider sites. So, as you all know we rolled out with hospitals, we rolled out with pharmacies, FQHCs, but in this particular community there are not a lot of health care provider physical sites,” says Dr. Courtney Phillips who is the secretary of LDH.

The Department of Health partnered with EBR’s Council on Aging to get folks signed up for their shots. Pharmacists like Rosemary Onuegbu believe being a part of this initiative is making a difference, “I mean we all have the same goal in mind, it’s really to protect. I mean as pharmacists we protect our patients, but also serve our community.”

LDH is working to set up more mass vaccination sites like this in the future. They plan to post new location sites every Monday on their website. Once you are eligible to receive the vaccination, you’ll still need to make an appointment before showing up, even at mass vax sites.

All appointments for the Living Faith Cathedral vaccination site are booked up for today and tomorrow. However, LDH says eventually will get their shot.

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