LDH has its eyes on new COVID-19 vaccine

LDH has all eyes on new coronavirus vaccine

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - As we inch our way closer to finally putting the pandemic behind us, we can find comfort in what came out of the governor’s press conference today. He says according to the data, things are moving in the right direction.

“They are moving in the right direction presently. The most recent positivity number from the state is 5% this week. That’s about a 3rd of what it was 6 weeks ago”, said Governor John Bel Edwards.

As a result of those numbers, we have about a third of the amount hospitalizations and case numbers from 6 weeks ago as well along with a decrease in deaths. And in the efforts to continue these trends, all eyes are on the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine as we wait for the FDA to authorize emergency use.

“If all of that happens if all of those domino’s line up appropriately, we could be receiving Johnson & Johnson vaccines as early as next week”, said Dr. Joseph Kanter with the Health Department.

The health department says when it comes to vaccine deliveries, we are all caught up with after losing ground during the winter storm. Saying every delayed shipment has been delivered as of today.

“We believe next week going forward that deliveries will happen on time, so all of those doses are now in state, so we’ve caught up from there. I think people are still having appointments rescheduled and providers are working through those lists. So, I think there’s still going to be a little bit of a lag with people being noted as vaccinated on the dashboard. And I expect that next week those numbers pick back up”, Dr. Kanter explained.

Looking forward we can expect the next delivery we receive will include 53,000 doses of the Pfizer and 45,000 doses of the Moderna. And if the FDA approves emergency authorization use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine we could potentially see 37,000 doses of that as well.

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