Two children taken to hospital after consuming drugs at Baker school

Two children taken to hospital after consuming drugs at Baker school

BAKER La. (WAFB) - First responders were called to Advantage Charter Academy in Baker where they checked out five middle “school aged kids” appear to have consumed drugs. Two of those kids were taken to the hospital in stable condition.

What drug was consumed was not immediately known.

Baker Police Chief Carl Dunn said a 13-year-old girl brought edible Rice Krispy treats to school and shared them with other students.

Dr. Ashely Lucas is the Medical Director for General Pediatrics at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health, and has some tips for parents on what to look out for, if they believe their children are doing drugs.

“Fatigue, lethargy, confusion, slurring words, clumsy, being maybe hostile, irritable, hyperactive. You know, any kind of behavior change that’s out of the ordinary, should make you pause. And of course more serious things would be vomiting, extreme headache or seizure even,” said Dr. Lucas.

She says edibles impact children a lot more than they do for adults.

“A small child with a marijuana laced brownie could be good enough to cause serious consequences,” said Dr. Lucas.

Doctors you should talk to your children at an early age about drugs, and what to look out for when eating other children’s snacks.

“You know, don’t eat food if you don’t know where it came from. Don’t eat it if the packages compromised, be careful what you’re putting in your mouth. Don’t leave your drink unattended and then walk away and come back and drink that drink. And that’s more for the older high school college kids in that settings, but these are just good principles to start early in educating your children,” said Dr. Lucas.

Dr. Lucas says some good advice to tell your children when they’re at school, is to only eat what’s served in the cafeteria, or what’s in their lunch box.

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