Teenager shot while allegedly breaking into vehicles off Burbank Drive

Updated: Feb. 24, 2021 at 12:18 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Three male suspects were reportedly breaking into vehicles and one was shot along Burbank Drive in Baton Rouge Wednesday morning, according to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The vehicles were located at The Armstrong student living complex, located at 4600 Burbank.

Deputies say the two of the suspects, are 17 and one is 16.

The 16-year-old suspect was the suspect who was shot and injured, authorities say.

A resident came out and saw the three males breaking into vehicles. He says one of them had what looked like a gun. The resident then shot the 16-year-old suspect.

The 16 year old lives in an apartment with his mother on nearby Jennifer Jean Drive.

One of the 16 year old’s has been charged with at least one burglary from Wednesday and had stolen credit cards on him from vehicle burglaries which occurred on Feb. 18. He was booked into juvenile detention on those charges.

There were at least 15 vehicles (so far) that were burglarized at the complex where the shooting happened on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 24. The windows were broken out on the vehicles.

All three of the suspects have been taken into custody. The 16-year-old was shot in the chest and is at a nearby hospital. He will be charged upon his release from the hospital, according to EBRSO

The shooter will be charged with simple kidnapping because he took the suspect who he shot in his vehicle to the residence on Jennifer to retrieve items stolen from his car before he called 911, EBRSO said.

All three suspects have been charged with burglaries in the past, EBRSO said.

A resident at the Armstrong Apartments told police he went outside to find three teenagers breaking into his car, that’s when he shot at one 16-year-old. It turns out multiple cars got broken into, and now people who live out there are concerned more than ever.

Not too far away from LSU, on Burbank, there are several apartment complexes for college students. The young adults who live there say they were shocked to wake up to law enforcement in the parking lot investigating multiple broken car windows and a shooting.

“So, it is concerning if people who are willing to shoot guns and steal things from people’s cars have easy access to where I live just because it’s not a gated community,” says resident Bervin Williams.

However, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office says it’s not necessarily about whether the apartment complex is gated or not. The main issue is that people are leaving their cars unlocked, or leaving their valuables out in the open.

“There’s nothing unique about the area in terms of having vehicle burglaries that’s something that can occur at anywhere and at any time, and to feel like you won’t be a victim of a burglary of a gate or anything like that is just not the best way to think,” says Casey Hicks who is the PIO officer of EBR Sheriff’s Office.

Residents say they wish apartment management would notify them about car break-ins. During the fall semester, residents say there were break-ins around the area, and they were never notified.

Pierre Smith who lives in the Armstrong Apartments says, “They never acknowledge these incidents that go on our grounds.”

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office says most burglaries happen because of opportunity. They have a message for everyone, no matter where you live in EBR, think twice before you get out of your car and lock it up.

The teenager shot this morning was taken to the hospital for treatment, all three teenagers spotted at the apartments this morning are in custody. The Sheriff’s Office is still determining if the other 12 vehicle break-ins are linked to these guys.

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