EBR Parish School Board Holds Retreat to Develop New Strategic Plan

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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - For the first time in ten years, the East Baton Rouge School Board is setting new goals. EBR’s new school’s superintendent Sito Narcisse says it’s part of a new vision for your kids’ education.

“We’re a district that has very different elements from different communities and so we’re trying to put something together to get kids to be reading more, thinking about development for our young people in kindergarten and early childhood education, and what happens in our later high school grades around college and career readiness”, said Narcisse.

The board is starting to develop a new strategic plan this weekend at a retreat, hosted by Southern University. It marks the start of a four month process to re-think schooling in the parish. They hope to have a final plan by June 17.

“And they’re going to create goals, specific goals, that are going to help our district move forward”, said Narcisse.

School Board President David Tatman said this process should have started sooner but with the pandemic and the change of position with the superintendent, they felt that now was the right time to begin the process.

“So, I think the catalyst of this is the fact that we have a new superintendent and it’s a great way to start off his superintendency to come in and have a collaborative working relationship where we understand each other and where we’re coming from, a chance to work with some of the senior staff members so that we can begin to know each other and have those personal relationships as we begin to discuss some very difficult subject matter”, Tatman explained.

Tatman says the biggest challenge for EBR parish is the amount of poverty within the community and figuring out a way to better serve those struggling and give them a proper education.

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