Water issues continue amid winter freeze in East Feliciana

Cold weather causes water issues for some

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - There are three water districts located in East Feliciana Parish and one of those districts, the rural water district, has had its water supply running short.

“This morning, the same thing was going on this morning. I couldn’t take a shower or anything last night, I couldn’t wash clothes, couldn’t wash dishes,” said William Tynes who lives in the parish.

William Tynes lives out in the countryside of the parish where people in that area have been most effected. He said when he called the district water system to report it, they transferred him to the 911 call center.

“So, the lady I talked to there she said I would consider this an emergency, I don’t have water at my house either. She said hardly nobody up here has water,” Tynes explained.

East Feliciana Parish officials say that the shortage of water is a result of having to refill the rural water system. Saying that people in that area have their faucets running at more than just a drip.

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“And from what they told me a little while ago, which we knew was happening, everybody for the last four days has been running their water. Whether they call it a drip or whatever, they’re running their water and this has definitely taken a load out of the towers,” said Joseph Moreau with East Feliciana Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness.

According to Joseph Moreau, the water system is feed by gravity towers.

“So, as the towers are more full is causes more pressure in the water system. And right now, the towers are very low. So, what they’ve done in order to try and get them to fill up they’ve had to shut off a lot of the valves that fee some of the residents in order to pressurize the system again before we freeze tonight,” Moreau explained.

For any of those who find themselves without any running water or electricity, it’s recommended that you get the essential items such as water and food from your local grocery store to last you for at least three days.

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