Drivers forced to compromise amid icy roads

Interstates reopen in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - With the roads, for the most part, being too dangerous to drive on, people have had to resort to using backroads to compromise. Max Newman and his family had to flee to St. Francisville where they could go somewhere with power and the ride there was no easy task.

“Getting there was definitely very dangerous. All the roads had ice on them and in St. Francisville it’s a little hilly so uh I skidded quite a lot”, Newman explained.

Leaving him and other drivers feeling a little road rage dealing with the icy conditions.

“It was a little frustrating especially because cars would know you see ice and you get a little bit worried even though it’s perfectly fine most of the time. You just get a little worried, so people were just driving slower than usual”, said Newman.

DOTD has been on the move working around the clock to try and get as much of the roads and parts of the interstate salted down and safe to drive on.

“So that’s what we’ve been doing all night last night, all day today, all day yesterday”, Rodney Mallet with DOTD explained.

Rodney Mallet had hoped this morning he and his crew could have most of the roads if not all of them opened by the end of the morning. However, the weather was not their friend.

“We were hoping that we could get the temperature up and some sunshine but that has not been the case, so it’s taken a little bit longer than we were hoping”, said Mallet.

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