Truck drivers and motorists stranded at truck stops, waiting for I-10 to thaw

Truck drivers and motorists stranded at truck stops, waiting for I-10 to thaw

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A sea of semi-trucks and cars line truck stop and hotel parking lots along LA-415 in Port Allen as drivers are stuck, waiting for I-10 to thaw.

I-10 from Baton Rouge to Lafayette is closed, covered in ice. According to DOTD the stretch of interstate likely will not reopen until Wednesday when temperatures are higher and the ice can melt.

“I just want to go home,” said Melissa Wright who has been stuck in a motel with her family for the last two days. “I feel like we keep getting these little stepping stones preventing us from going home.”

Wright has spent the last month traveling across the country. She and her family were heading home to Arizona when they got stuck.

“There is just not much to do here,” she said. There’s casinos but I’m not one for casinos.”

Like Wright and her family, Donald Kelley and his big rig are in a parking lot waiting for the ice to melt. A Baton Rouge native, Kelley is supposed to deliver his load by Wednesday but he does not know if he will make it in time.

“If your tires aren’t turning you aren’t making money,” Kelley said. “I have to deliver that load Wednesday and hopefully no later than Wednesday. It’s going to mess up the whole month.”

There is not much anyone can do besides wait until I-10 can open though. So for now, those who are stranded are just trying to pass the time and stay warm.

“If we could find an alternate route of course we’d take it but with the way the weather is going I’d rather stay in my room,” Wright said.

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