Baton Rouge teachers anxiously waiting to finally be vaccinated

Vaccinating Louisiana's teachers to safely reopen schools

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Teachers from all over Baton Rouge have been anxiously waiting for their turn to finally be vaccinated, and some have been hesitant. The webinar hosted by Our Lady of the Lake, aimed to put those concerns to rest.

“Thank you so much for joining us we’re so excited about this discussion we’re going to have today around supporting out staff with vaccinations”, said EBRPSS Superintendent Dr. Sito Narcisse.

First, the school system will send out a survey and then begin making appointments soon after based on interest. A lot of teachers had the same question

“What is your recommendation for women who are pregnant?”, asked EBRPSS Chief Officer for Support and Special Projects Stacie Dupre.

“There’s not been a lot of study of pregnant women getting the vaccine, in the early trials they were excluded. However, a few of them did get pregnant during the trials and apparently did okay”, said OLOL Pediatric Medical Director Ashley Lucas.

Another popular question on the list--how long does the vaccine stay effective?

“The vaccine itself doesn’t last very long in the body. But the idea of it is to mimic what the virus does to the body to prompt immune response form out own immune system, so that should it see it again it can develop a quick attack on the virus when infected”, said OLOL MD Michael Bolton.

“I think the vaccines are very important those of us who are in the education field because we are--we’re not first responders-- but we are in direct contact with our students”, said Tannesha Williams.

Tannesha Williams has been teaching for 24 years in EBR parish and she says even though teachers can control what goes on in the classroom, they do not have that same control when those students are away.

“So, I do feel it’s important for teachers who are willing to get the vaccine, if they so choose so, to get it”, said Williams.

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