Feds report firearms, other items seized at La. airports in 2020

Feds report firearms, other items seized at La. airports in 2020
Transportation officials say around 20-25 pounds of various knives and weapons like brass knuckles are seized at the Baton Rouge airport each month, in addition to firearms. (Source: Transportation Security Administration)

(WAFB) - Federal officials reported 84 firearms seized at airports across Louisiana in 2020.

In the state’s capital city, Baton Rouge, five guns were seized. Transportation Administration Officials say that includes a gun seized Christmas Eve loaded with six rounds in addition to six rounds held in a magazine clip inside of a passenger’s carry on luggage.

The Associated Press reports the Transportation Security Administration says over 3,200 firearms were found in carry-ons across the nation in 2020.

That number is double the amount found in 2019, the Associated Press (AP) reports, despite fewer people flying in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

About 83% of those guns were loaded, according to the AP.

Federal officials say passengers caught with firearms face a personal fine up to $13,000 which is independent of any criminal charges the state may issue.

In addition to rules in individual states, officials remind passengers that the only way to carry firearms on planes is to place them in checked luggage that has been declared to the airline at check-in. The firearm must be unloaded and placed in a locked, hard-sided case also.

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