Fired BRPD officer Siya Creel accused of being dishonest

Fired BRPD officer Siya Creel accused of being dishonest
Former Baton Rouge Police officer Siya Creel (Source: Baton Rouge Police Department)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Police Department has added another disciplinary item to the file of fired police officer Siya Creel, accusing him of being dishonest. Creel was the vice president of the police union at the time of his termination in December 2020.

BRPD Chief Murphy Paul fired Creel, saying he violated departmental policy by doing an interview for a YouTube channel without getting prior approval. The interview was about roadside billboards that have gone up around the city that are critical of both the chief and the city’s rising homicide rate.

Paul later added another reason for Creel’s termination, saying the officer used his BRPD email account and departmental laptop to conduct non-official or personal business.

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Now, the chief and his internal affairs staff are accusing Creel of lying about his whereabouts.

In that incident, Internal Affairs Sgt. Orscini Beard recently sent a letter to Creel outlining the allegations. In the letter, Beard says that he called Creel to come to the internal affairs office last month during the time Creel was still on administrative leave. He says Creel advised him he was two to three hours away from the headquarters.

When an officer is on administrative leave, he or she has to be available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day to immediately report to headquarters if needed.

”During our conversation, I verbally reminded you of your status of being placed on Administrative Leave and I also asked you if you had received prior authorization to travel from your residence to an undisclosed location (out of town), Beard wrote. “You could not provide me with the name, rank or division of anyone that authorized your travel.”

Beard goes on to say that Creel contacted him about 45 minutes later, saying he was closer than he thought and would be at headquarters within the next few minutes.

“Your statement during our telephone conversation contradicted your actions,” Beard wrote. “Initially you verbally advised me it would take two to three hours to arrive at the Internal Affairs office due to you being out of town, but you actually arrived at the Internal Affairs office within an hour.”

Beard then informed Creel that the incident was a violation of the department’s ‘truthfulness” policy and the incident would be added to his internal affairs file.

Creel, who is battling cancer, has asked a judge to issue an injunction allowing him to remain on the force until legal and civil service proceedings play out.

That hearing is scheduled for March 3.

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